The Goofy, Bad, And Ugly

“I donno whatcha all would doda him here in Iowa, but we, we would treat him priddy ugly down in Texas.” — Lil’ Ricky


Yeah, I’ll just bet you would, Ricky, being the goofy psuedo-religious man you profess to be;  you know, claiming to love one another like Jesus told you to by, you know, treating certain others “pretty ugly” down there in Texas.  Since you said it’s damned near “treasonous”— a capital offense— to print money just now, a lot of  Americans who don’t live in Texas, never want to step foot there, and don’t understand exactly what you mean by “pretty ugly,” are wondering just how “ugly” would you be Fed Chairman Bernanke?

This ugly?

Former Deputy Press Secretary to George W. Bush, Tony Fratto,  called Perry’s remarks “inappropriate and unpresidential.” Very “press-secretarial,”  and remarkably honest.  But will that slow teh stupid that seems to flow with alarming alacrity from Lil’ Ricky’s pork-chop-on-a-stick-hole?

Oh I hope not.  Lil’ Ricky deserves unceasing exposure of his sleaziness as much as bona fide attention whore and bus commander Sarah Palin ever did.


    1. Nonniekins, we have exported all our graphic chores to someplace offshore, where we pay .25¢ an hour for quality work which we are too lazy to do ourselves. (Suck it, American jobless commie socialists.)

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