House Speaker/Crybaby Rep. John Boehner sobbed repeatedly, “He’s not the only adult in the room!!” and, “He’s not the boss of me!! He’s not the boss of me!!” as stunned colleagues pretended not to notice his boutade.

WASHINGTON D.C. — Petulant crybaby John Boehner, Rep. Nohio, threw a childish tantrum on the House floor Wednesday, when aides told him that President Obama was asking for a joint session of Congress the following Wednesday.

Flinging himself to the house floor, the Speaker began crying, thrashing about, and pulling his jacket off.  The staff House Nanny arrived promptly, but struggled for several minutes with the little tyke in an attempt to get his jacket back on and escort him from the chamber.

“Not at all what we expect from our elected representatives,” offered Andrea Bustle, noted effete snob and House chamber dust arranger.   “But this sort of behavior works to get the Republicans what they want, which is to make our president look weak to their barbarian base.”

“He’s a sick puppy,” said Arlen Fosterpimp, ex-curator of the Lesser of Two Weevils Political Bar & Grill, adding, “How effin’ ridiculous can these sumbitches get?? I need a frickin’ job!  And he needs to be sent to his room with no supper… oh hell, what he really needs is a good spankin’ with a hickory switch— right before he loses his job.”


  1. Heya Dcap,
    Nice to see you here, but didn’t Piper Palin pick a peck of pickled peppers? which, of course, qualifies her to run for the pickled pepper presidency; it seems Obama can’t even pick a puckin’ fight with the pickled puckin’ Palin puglicans. Are we doomed yet?

  2. you have to give Obama credit – he must to NOT want a 2nd term so much – he is trying to disguise his lack of desire with something called ‘compromise’

    you have to believe that the teabaggers and lunatics in the GOP are laughing themselves all the way to 2012 election – Obama keeps this up and Piper Palin will beat him

    what a loser

  3. Indeed, a well executed graphic.

    Sad that such a self-besotted non-entity as Boehner, invested with all the hubris that his paymasters can muster, playacts the role of a serious contrarian force on the national stage and isn’t permanently laughed off the planet into a dimension where poop is alive and gives hugs.


    1. DB, as you live and breathe! Nice to see you again, and get some straight poop, so to speak.
      Yes it’s truly a dismal corporate dropping, this thing called Boehner, strutting his hour upon our stage.

      What to do with a man whose website “Action Center” has “Flag Requests” at the top of its list, and asks if you’re “Tired of High Gas Prices,” only to suggest you get “involved” […in what??] and “Like” the American Energy Initiative on Facebook … to support efforts to stop policies that are driving up gas prices … except, of coure, for the billions in subsidies we give the awl cumpnees…

      Just desserts are coming, but no one can say when.

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