BULLSHIT Happening Now

Do you get all your “news” from the 24-7 Cable Clowns?  How cool is that??  Sucking up hours of info-tainment-news/cable effluvia is like continually drinking pots of stale coffee through a gallon funnel while sitting on your ass until you absolutely have to run to the bathroom to avoid pissing yourself.

But please— don’t think this is a criticism of our media for their abject failure to discern what’s truly important in life;  High Anxiety Over Nothing in particular is a pervasive and powerful reality-avoidance norm of our times that essentially puts you to sleep for life.  

If only you had been fortunate enough to be educated by a teacher that fired your imagination—  and you subsequently gained your freedom from all conventional and traditional handicaps, and dared to think, act, and live honestly, loyally, fearlessly, and truthfully.  

By now, you very well might have discovered the only way to become truly indestructible— might have discovered the way to permeate your evolving soul with truth, beauty, and goodness as the value-realization of God-consciousness— and you’d for sure be doing something truly meaningful with the precious little time you have left on this planet.  Because it’s simple.  If there is no survival of eternal values in your soul, then mortal existence is without meaning, and life itself is truly a tragic illusion.

Right.  Back to the Bullshit. 





But then again…  If you do decide to wake up, you’ll want to
read this book.


  1. Avatar Micah

    What a wonderful point made with this powerful satire. The “truthyness” of it is scary. We are kept in a constant state of panic and a sense of outrage by both conservative and liberal pundits alike. All the while completetly forgetting to think about anything of “real” concern; like loving service of our fellows and self contemplation. Without the filter of the eternal values of truth, beauty, and goodness, it’s all just a bunch of bull. Thank you for trying to wake us up.

    1. Hey Micah, Thanks for your thoughts. Maybe the scariest line in the whole Urantia Book is this: “Through oversophistication or as a result of the irreligious conduct of professed religionists, a man, or even a generation of me, may elect to suspend their efforts to discover the God who indwells them…”
      I think we’re witnessing such a generation, although there continue to be signs (OWS) that many of us— especially many who are suffering as a result of the financial inequality that is destroying the poor and middle classes— are waking up.
      Perhaps we had all better hold onto our butts. ;->

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