Jab A Sharp Fork In Them. PLEASE.

Harry Truman famously said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”  But when your sugar daddy keeps throwing millions of dollars at you, or you’re just too arrogantly narcissistic to detect reality, or both—
it’s a safe bet you’ll continue to show the nation just what being “severely conservative” is really all about.
Right to far right: NewtMoe, MittMoe, RonMoe, and RickMoe.
If you want to feel the froth, you must click it.

As a certain snow-billy grifter says, the increasingly disgusting and seemingly endless Republican primary is just “good preparation for the general election.”  And it will go on death-spiraling  for a few more months as the four remaining Republican stooges continue slandering and assaulting the character (or the lack of it) of one another, sometimes directly, sometimes through their super PACs.  Of course they manage to find time to disparage the president when they get tired of disparaging each other.  But in the real world— all four of them are sooo done.

At least they would be in a sane, progressive nation, that truly valued the importance of real leadership.

The increasingly grotesque display of the so-called presidential candidates of the Republican party is an ongoing disaster about any way you want to measure it— whether it’s who won a particular primary (Iowaa?), how many counties are excluded from the vote totals (Maine), who has how many delegates (ask Ron Paul), what does the primary actually count for (Florida, Missery), or, you know, who is telling the most lies about another stooge.

Only one thing seems certain:  America is finally seeing a no-holes-barred demonstration of not just how morally and ethically depraved the Republican party has become, but really is— as a political party, as supposed leaders, and as the de facto shills for America’s wealthy corporate owners.

Make no mistake.  We’re going to have to throw them out of our nation’s kitchen.





  1. Avatar stephen jeffries

    This has to be a liberal site. I can tell by the hate filled speech,name calling and race baiting. You keep quoting the bible but you do the opposite of what you preach. No wonder people hate liberals.

    1. Kudos for sniffing out that “this has to be a liberal site.” But we published your comment because “liberals” and progressives can always use a reminder of the consequences of harboring large numbers of uneducated reactionaries in America.

      There are no “bible [sic] quotes” in the article above, and we seldom quote the Bible, much less preach it; we vastly prefer to quote The Urantia Book.

      However, we realize you just have the one speed, and thus do not recognize that you take us to task for “name-calling while you use the word liberal as a pejorative; that you complain about the supposed use of hate speech while admitting you and others like you “hate liberals.”

      In other words, you’re everything we’ve come to expect from right wing jobs; so move along now, nothing for you to see here.

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