GOP VP Hot Potato

Don’t be surprised to see this guy standing on a street corner near you

With today’s primaries in Pennsylvania, New York, Deleware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island packing all the dramatic punch of a Sarah Palin reality show rerun, much of the punditariat has chosen to turn their sights on the GOP Veepstakes instead.

With Willard Romney firmly in the nomination driver’s seat; Rick Santorum licking his wounds while still withholding his support for the presumptive nominee; Newt Gingrich teetering on the edge of withdrawal (nothing like coming in fourth in the majority of primaries to date to cement your image as a loser); and RonPaul playing his ongoing game of building an electoral infrastructure for his son Rand, we must now endure 3 months of boring speculation by political media junkies trying to earn their bloated paychecks.

Names being tossed out include a number of Rethugs who are already on record as saying they don’t want the ‘honor.’ They include New Jersey blowhard governor Chrisco Christie; Teabagger darling Florida Senator Marco ‘Don’t Vet Me” Rubio; another Teabagger fave South Carolina governor Nickie Haley; former Bush deficit budget director and current Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels; former Minnesota governor Tim “Mr. Excitement” Pawlenty; former Florida governor Jeb “Don’t Call Me” Bush, and former Bush Warmonger Secretary of State, Condi Rice.

I guess we might have to count these as the relatively smart GOP pols who are keeping their powder dry for 2016. Recall last year at the CPAC convention none other than The Coltergeist predicted that if Romney is the 2012 nominee, they’ll lose. (Historical note: There hasn’t been a failed VP nominee in either party since FDR, who subsequently went on to win the presidency, And that might have been a case of divine intervention.)

Individuals who receive repeated mention and haven’t ruled themselves out include retiring Virgina governor, Bob “Vaginal Probe” McDonald; Rep. Paul “Let them Eat Cake” Ryan; Bush’s former head of the OMB, Senator “Mr. Deficit” Portman, and that always quirky media whore, Herman “Let’s Talk” Cain.

Jon “The Comedy Don” Stewart provides his usual insightful color commentary in this segment titled “Endless Suffrage 2012 – Of Vice and Men.”

Stewart calls the play by play tossing of the GOP VP hot potato.

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