The Ryan-Romney Monster Mash-up

Uncle Mitters contemplates how he’s going to obfuscate his primary promise to enact little Pauly’s pet monster project, right after the poor, the young, the old, the sentient, and all those who’s healthcare will be eviscerated by it— elect him president.

Just wait.  That shifty-eyed little bastard fidgeting in Pauly’s lap is going to cause Mitters every bit as much trouble that hiding his taxes currently is.  But this is not a new problem;  here’s the “tell” from Propagandee back in April.

So just where is the wisdom in letting the press have a few extra days to dissect this debacle of a vp choice before the convention?  Yeah Ima have to get back to you.  And while you’re waiting, chew on this ad that rolled out before Mittérables had time to change his magic underwear after Pauly’s little project pranked his lap during the vp photo-op…

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