Mitt Romney: Asshole In Chief Wanna-Be

Mitt Romney Asshole In Chief wanna-be and Former Failed Massachusetts Governor

“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force.”
—D. Vader

From Friday’s Fux News Interview with Brett Baier:

BAIER: To hear several speakers in Charlotte … they were essentially saying that you don’t care about the U.S. military because you didn’t mention U.S. troops and the war in Afghanistan in your nomination acceptance speech. … Do you regret opening up this line of attack, now a recurring attack, by leaving out that issue in the speech?

ROMNEY: I only regret you’re repeating it day in and day out. Heh. Heh, Heh. When you give a speech you don’t go through a laundry list, you talk about the things that you think are important— and I described in my speech, my commitment to a strong military unlike the president’s decision to cut our military.  And I didn’t use the word “troops,” I used the word “military.”  I think they refer to the same thing.

Reading between the lines:

ROMNEY: What’s so important about “the troops”?  They’re just little cogs in the larger military machine, which includes a lot of laundry, I’ll admit.  Heck, if their parents had been smarter, had earned enough money, or inherited bundles of it like me and my kids, they could have avoided the draft, like I did by being a religious recruiter.  Try recruiting a bunch of French winos into a dry faith like mine. Now, that’s “hard work,” as my Republican predecessor would say.  Or they could have gone to college without having to join the service at all.  That’s for the other one percent. Heh. Heh. Heh.

As for Afghanistan, they know what they signed up for and they’ll get their just rewards without any mention from me.  Now, I know what you’re going to ask me next:  Do I support the Ryan plan to cut 1.3 million vets from VA Care?  Heck yes!  That $6 billion a year!  How else are we going to pay for all those new tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, and new weapon systems?  Paul and I are fiscal conservatives, after all.  If the “troops” need help paying their hospital bills, they can always just borrow it from their parents.

Did I mention that I look forward to ordering the troops around as their asshole in chief? That’s what I do best. It’s a gift, really. You now what my nickname in prep school was? Mittens Scissors Hands. Heh. Heh. Heh. But it’s not like I never wore a uniform. Back in my Stanford days, I used to dress up as a police officer and scare the willies out my friends by pulling them over for traffic stops. Who says I’m a stiff and don’’t have a sense of humor?

Heh. Heh. Heh.

You can watch the rest of the virtual interview at Dante’s Fourth Circle of Hell.

In Gustave Doré‘s illustrations for the fourth circle, the weights are huge money bags.

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