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Mitch And HarryWho’s fulla bluster?
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WASHINGTON D.C. — The reprehensibility bad U. S. Senatorial comedy team of Mitch and Harry reprised one of their most popular routines this week, “Who’s Fullabluster?”

The “gag me with a filibuster” routine goes something like this: Harry tells Mitch about a genuinely good bill he wants to pass, and Mitch replies, “Tell me about it again.”  Harry repeats the idea, but upon hearing it again, Mitch jumbles it into utter nonsense, and says there’s no way he’ll ever let it pass, and he’ll filibuster.

Harry says he’ll do it anyway, and announces to the public that he’ll even using the nuclear option if he has to.  But Mitch says Harry is being unreasonable, calls him a bunch of names, and threatens to hold his breath until he “turns blue” and passes out;  making Harry feel like a bully, irresponsible and embarrassed, and willing to compromise anyway Mitch wants him to, so poor Mitch won’t turn blue.

Like that’s ever going to happen.



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    Hey, Terry, your strokes of genius are paralyzing me!


    Hey thanks Fearguth, but please don’t use my name, “strokes,” and “paralyzing” in the same sentence. =0

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