Misanthropic Sociopaths


Big Oil Dipsticks: Misanthropic SociopathsIncorrect order from bored shitless to arrogant fuck Misanthropic Sociopaths: Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil, Chevron CEO John Watson, Shell President Marvin Odum, Conoco-Phillips CEO Jim Mulva, BP America Chairman Lamar McKay.

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  1. Those who inform popular culture, those who direct and set the limits of the public discussion, shape the views of the masses and hold the reins of power.

    I’ve long admired George Galloway. The former labor organizer has once again proved himself with his declaration that he views Big Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his predatory media corporation/propaganda machine as an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Here, he ties the late Margaret Thatcher to “… her friend, the organised crime firm owner, Rupert Murdoch.”

    It’s a shame we have no politician – not one – in the USA who dares to speak truth about the self-proclaimed “liberals” of Hollywood who pump socially-destabilizing violent media product into American popular culture while pretending that they bear no responsibility for the epidemic of gun massacres in our public schools, workplaces, houses of worship, shopping malls, and movie theaters. Well, there was Tom Ridge. Whatever you may think of his politics, Ridge dared to mention on Meet the Press that the culture of violence in media is a factor in gun massacres. He hasn’t been seen on TV since David Brooks shut him down just three days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School gun massacre. Apparently, the supposedly “liberal” Lords of the Ministry of American Culture are punishing Mr. Ridge, making an example of him. What, exactly, is “liberal” about wealthy mobsters who incite deadly violence for profit while hiding behind the First Amendment? Has no one noticed that the supposed “liberals” of Hollywood don’t hesitate to shower awards on their colleagues who promote torture as public policy? Are those on the Left who swallow whole the notion that the Hollywood mob is “liberal” any less credulous than those on the Right who buy the Faux News assertion that Obama is a socialist? And when is someone in government going to grow a backbone and rein in this madness? How many more have to die needlessly, tragically?

    Galloway has got it right again: Big Media is organized crime.

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