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Puffington Host For those precious minutes you wanna waste on the lurid and stupid side of life.

No, fellow travellers, this is not the Onion, but maybe those guys are moonlighting the front page of the Puffington Post because they can’t stop themselves. So here’s my challenge to you, you that want to use your brain for more that a feces storage locker: Go to the front page of Puff Ho™ and see how many posts are worth your precious time.
I’ll wait.

So you came back with:

7 Struggles Of People Who Bite Their Nails

Okay I lied, why the fuck would I wait for you to waste your time if my whole poin… you know, forget it.

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  1. I’m no stranger to the Huff Po front page. But for quite some time now, I feel like I have to shower before I get beneath the fold. Just because ugly, perverse shit happens somewhere everyday does not obligate Huff Po to chronicle said shit. Stop catering to imbeciles and social morons, Huff Po; when there is so much good to publish and proclaim, there’s no need to slather your front page with so much ugliness and stupidity just because it’s a sad fact.

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