Medical Repatriation: Bedsores In Paradise

Stephen’s helpful suggestions on how to reduce hospital overcrowding

Stephen Colbert warns us that a hospital is no place to get sick, especially if you are indigent or have fallen into a coma.

If, for instance, you’re an undocumented immigrant, you might find yourself discharged from an Intensive We Don’t Care Unit in Las Vegas and given a one way bus ticket to Los Angeles, with 3 days of meds and instructions to dial 911 when you get there. Same goes for the mentally handicapped.

If you’re really lucky and have fallen into a coma, you could be flown on a private jet for free and deposited in another country altogether.

But there is a darker possibility. You could be shipped off to somewhere that no one ever returns from…a Carnival Cruise vacation.

And That’s the Word.

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