NatLaughing StockThis month’s national laughingstock just happens to be an adult crybaby.

This sorry-assed excuse for a magazine found its way into my personal space yesterday.  Not only was it not funny, but it pissed me off in a way that I have seldom experienced since I stopped abusing certain vile foamy liquids and other assorted borderline ingestibles.

Many of you are too young in this adventure to remember National LAMPOON magazine, let alone one of their most memorable covers, from January 1973.  (See it here.)  But unlike that cover, this parody did not make me feel sorry for the Boner-as-victim of his own groveling attempts to destroy the American government and …  you know what, just forget it.

Forget all the antics of the Republican “party” for a moment.  Just answer this question:  Why is a sniveling crybaby the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States?

Is this really the best creature we can squeeze out of our gene pool?

Apparently it is, so then, go ahead, Repuglican’ts;  do your worst, you catatonic douchebags.

America has it coming.

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  1. Avatar Michael Hart

    John Boehner: Pathological liar, political extortionist, economic terrorist
    Laurence Lewis:
    First of all, let’s put to rest the lie that this somehow is a bipartisan crisis, or that President Obama somehow is being obstructionist, or is flouting popular will. The reality is that the president is eager to sign a clean continuing resolution, while the Senate has already voted for one. The only problem is the House. If there was a vote in the House, a clean continuing resolution would pass. That’s the democratic truth. But one man is preventing that vote from happening:

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