A Bridge Too Far Fat

Bridge Gate Keeper A Bridge Too Far Fat

Yeah, you did say that all along.  Vociferously.  All the more reason to presume your big butt was right in the middle of it.

Outside of those folks who think you’re nothin’ but an adorable pizza pie-eatin’ machine slash governator, the rest of us realize you’re responsible for knowing what your closest little minions are up to, bozo.

Being too busy with your national ambitions to eat the whole U.S. pie is not an excuse.  If you’re “cooperating fully” with the investigation, as you claim, then stop using “executive privilege” to prevent pertinent documents from being released to the committee.  Either your minions were running the asylum or you were running amok.  So do the right thing.  Shut your pie hole about how innocent you are of these shenanigans, and fall on your sword like a responsible hot air bag should.

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