Don’t expect to see a “Starry Night” 55er in your wallet—or in your lifetime;  and not just because you’re poor and apt to stay that way.   Money, it’s a crime Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie Money, so they say Is the root of all evil today But if you ask for a raise …

Loathsome Ted

With a face made for radio, we can chalk up Senator Sourpus’s electoral successes, not to the appeal of his personality, but to the professionals running his campaign.


Don’t let those punchy headlines fool you;  it’s the black and white Bernie who’s telling it like it is.   My twenty-one year old car is old enough to vote, and like Bernie Sanders, is time-worn and tested to go whatever distance.  Like anything worthwhile it requires occasional maintenance, so it was off to Mike the mechanic today for a checkup.  I …

David Bowie

I had the privilege of meeting David Bowie briefly during the overdubbing of his film Man Who Fell To Earth. He had wanted to make a production note, but said he didn’t have a pen. I looked around the control room, found one, and rushed it down to him.

Bye Dave.

  While never really a Letterman junkie, “Late-Night” for me was usually finishing a strip while he was on, so I became a de facto regular viewer.  Oh, yeah, and Dave was brilliant.  Even so, the strip above was my only homage to the many hours spent enjoying Dave’s top ten things, that usually made someone squirm. People say New Yorkers can’t get along. Not true. …