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@realTacoHeadTrump: Mexicans Love Me“I’ve said it many times, the good Mexicans love me tremendously, and I even
eat their food;  I’m great. Hispanic problem solved.”

TRUMP TOWER GRILL — This is a test:  How can you take a fried tortilla taco bowl and turn it into a self-administered hurricane-strength enema?  It’s easy, really:  have yourself photographed with a bowl full of hamburger helper in a taco bowl and then tweet to 6 million mouthbreathers that you “love the Hispanics!”


So “TacoGate” is now a thing.

Then Rinse Previous, aka Reince Priebus, RNC Wet Cleanup Specialist, says regarding Trump’s taco tweet, “He’s trying” to be “more presidential.”

And while Rinse is whining about having to circle the republican wagons around presumptive wagonmaster Donald J. Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan gets caught speaking in front of media cameras and all he can say is “I’m not there yet” when it comes to endorsing his party’s candidate;  and yeah, after witnessing the same ten months of narcissistic assholery as everyone else in the nation with a teevee.

So Oops!  There goes the Senate!  If the highest elected republican in the United States isn’t ready to endorse, why the hell should you be, you floundering and utterly lost Republican voter?  Especially after the media asks your republican congressional representatives if Mexico is sending their rapists and criminals to America, and he stutters into the camera, “Well no, er, not all of them, I mean not at all, of course.”

Several elected bobblehead republicans who aren’t in a reelection battle this cycle are keeping Trump at arms length by saying they’re waiting to see if he will become more “presidential.”  (Not to mention the last two republican ex-presidents, Whoozit and Loozit.) Are you shitting me?  After ten months and billions of dollars worth of free national media, they can’t tell a serial liar misogynist xenophobic dickhead from an actual statesman?


I think it’s pretty clear now what that thing on his head really is. If you want to see his lipsweat you must click it.

Look. Just in case you are a Trump supporter who recently managed to free yourself from under the load of Trump dung that fell on you last summer, and you haven’t yet heard the news that Donald J. Trump has the highest unfavorables of any presidential candidate in the history of our nation, you may want to take a sedative and hear me out.

There are very good reasons every post about Donald Trump that shows up at Huffington Post ends with this Editor’s note:  Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liarrampant xenophoberacistmisogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

That’s a quick way of summing up the nature of a base and ignorant “leader.”

Donald Trump must never be president.  Even though we have every right to be angry with the “base” of the Republican Party for being such complete and utter tools for the oligarchs’ propaganda (I’m looking at you Fux Noise, Limpbot, Alex Jerk-off Jones, etc.), the truth is that Donald Trump is so unqualified for public office— that the very fact you support him means that you are as much a part of the problem as he is.

Trump Mouth Breathers

There are a bewildering number of things that threaten our democracy today, but here are a few we should be addressing right now:

1. Glorification of mediocrity.  i.e. Donald Trump

2. Choice of base and ignorant rulers.  i.e. Donald Trump

3. Danger of universal suffrage in the hands of uneducated and indolent majorities.  i.e. Donald Trump voters

A vote for Trump must now become a new litmus test:  A vote for Trump identifies you as a threat to our democracy.  

Real education of public opinion is the only safe and true method of accelerating civilization. Our press however, has failed us catastrophically in that regard.  There is still time to correct this disaster in the making, but it begins with recognizing the gravity of the situation.

Who knew that recognition would begin with a taco salad.


The Cruzifer Rebellion (UPDATED)

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May 022016


Cruzifer relaxing at home, taking time off from an increasingly desperate campaign schedule  

In Loathsome Tedand Loathsome Ted’s Record Before the Supreme (s), we documented some of the events that have made Senator Ted Cruz so reviled by his Republican colleagues. Just how deep those sentiments run was underscored by remarks this last week by two of those colleagues. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner, in his debut album Boehner Unplugged, called him “Lucifer in the flesh,” adding that he had “never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch.” Asked to comment on Boehner’s characterization, Rep. PeterI’ll take cyanide if Cruz wins the nominationKing leaped to Lucifer’s defense, telling Wolf Blitzer at CNN: ” [I]t gives Lucifer a bad name by comparing him to Ted Cruz.” Hence his new name: Cruzifer.

In this post at Crooks and Liars, King elaborated on the antipathy animating the Republican establishment’s attitude towards Cruzifer:

“Listen, what John Boehner was most concerned about was Ted Cruz perpetrated a fraud and a hoax when he brought about the shutdown of the government on some kind of a vague promise that he was going to be able to take Obamacare out of the budget or to end Obamacare.”

“I and many other liberals [?] have called out Ted Cruz’ bogus plan to shut down the federal government over Obamacare, that cost this country 24 billion dollars so it was great to see a Republican echo the same sentiments.

“Ted Cruz knew it would never work — that it was never going to work but he went ahead and did it anyway. He shut down the government. It cost the government money. It served no purpose whatsoever other than to boost his name identification. So, I agree with John Boehner on that.”

For a Dominionist like Ted Cruz, calling him worse than the devil is a pretty high stakes insult to shell out, but it’s the feeling that permeates most of the Republican Congress.

For those that don’t what a Dominionist, WikiP defines it as follows:

Dominion Theology is a theocratic ideology that seeks to implement a nation governed by conservative Christians ruling over the rest of society based on their understanding of biblical law.

In other words, Cruzifer is a member of the Christian Taliban.

Another former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, was unavailable for comment, as he was busy being sentenced for child molestation.  His former Majority Leader Tom DeLay wrote a letter to the court asking for a little sympathy for that son of the devil:  “We all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few.  He doesn’t deserve what he is going through.  I ask that you consider the man that is before you and give him leniency where you can.”

Said Jesus:

[W]hosoever causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea see that you despise not one of these little ones, for their angels do always behold the faces of the heavenly hosts.”*

Cruzifer showed his increasing desperation on two fronts this last week. Firstly, in a last ditch effort to stop Donald Drumpf from walking away with the nomination,  he entered into a feeble alliance with fellow presidential wannabe John Kasich, which started fraying just hours after the announcement. Secondly, he jumped the gun and announced that he had chosen his VP running mate, failed Hewlett Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina (who has never won an election or a even nomination in her life). This inspired Bill Maher to tell his HBO audience Friday night that picking Fiorina for his running mate at this stage of game was like Adolph Hitler marrying Eva Braun in the bunker.

Yet another former Republican Speaker of the House, professional hypocrite Newton Leroy Gingrich (who led the impeachment effort against President Bill Clinton on morals charges while cheating on his wife while she was dying of cancer), said that if it weren’t for the disdain that the country has for Donald Drumpf, they would better understand Cruzifer and what it’s like to work in his sulfurous presence.

Satan with Newton

On the horns of a dilemma: The Newtster ruminates about the irony of the Trump making Cruzifer seem more acceptable quoted Gingrich:

“Cruz a year ago would have been seen as the outsider, extreme, unacceptable, anti-establishment [candidate],” he told host Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”“Trump has now normalized Cruz…because without Trump, the establishment would be totally opposed to Cruz.”

Novelist Richard North Patterson had a great piece in Huffington Post the other day that in addition to underscoring Cruzifer’s inability to play nice with others, lists some of the more salient points of his political agenda.

Weeks ago, Trump destroyed the core of Cruz’s strategy by piling up victories in the South. So why should anyone imagine that the Cruz agenda will mesmerize America? He opposes all gun control measures. He would force the victims of rape and incest to bear children. He denounces gay marriage and gay rights. He echoes Trump’s calls for mass deportations and says that the neighborhoods of American Muslims should be “secured” by law enforcement. And then there is this — why would voters warm to a man his colleagues despise?

They won’t.  Cruz is dead demagogue walking. A big chunk of his support comes from voters who simply don’t like Trump. But Trump represents a bigger chunk of people who don’t like Cruz, and support their man with a fervor Cruz will never match.

Talk about damning with faint praise…


UPDATE: In the Harry Potter books, bad things happens to people who utter the name of Lord Voldemort, which is why he is referred to as “You-Know-Who”, “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” or “the Dark Lord.”

Stephen Colbert warns that the same thing happens when people close to him, like his Veep running mate Carly Fiorina, forget this basic law.

*The Urantia Book. 158:8:1

Cap’n Cruz To Go Down With The Ship

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“A [Cap’n] loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof, nearest resembling the horrible stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.”*

By Captain Boomer

INDIANAPOLIS —  Thanks in some small part to the Trump Tramp Steamer, the S.S. Cruz be now wrecked beyond hope and sinkin’ fast.  But Cap’n Cruz whar picked by God hisself, says he, and ne’er would scuttle her in port.  And finagled, he did, a first mate [vice-president to ye lubbers] to come aboard, and she’s brought her entire treasure chest o’ sting videos with her;  Cap’n Cruz be a big Sting fan ya know.

Have ye heared the scuttlebutt of Carly Fiorina, forced to walk the plank on her last ship by a renegade bunch of mutinous shareholders?  That be just the bilge, says the Cap’n, from that “bilgey thing below floors” says he.   What really matters says the Cap’n, with a straight face mind ye— is how officers [corporate overlords to ye land buzzards] are beheld upon the poop deck— where they be leaderin’ the shite ship to makin’ way.

But afore they hits the breakwater there whar ominous signs from the skulls, [that be “sailors” ye dirt-lubbers] who were gatherin’ round the capstan to spin yarns about the day she floundered the Hewlett-Packard and run’r aground, and tell tales of the Cap’n as a “miserable son of a bitch” and “Lucifer in the flesh.

And it whar no accident says the bo’sun, but a womanly wile, what left in the Cap’n’s VCR for him to eye, a Bad Lip Readin’— and him thinkin’ it was a bloody “Sting video” of them evil baby-part sellers…  No mates, it won’t be long afore mutiny will be pourin’ out the scuppers fore and aft;  and the Cruz, she be slidin’ in to Davy’s locker. . .

That’s right.  A Boegle.   For the Glotch.

*James I


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Apr 272016

Queen Hillary

Queen Hillary, trying on her colonial robes

From the Devil Caligastia’s* Dictionary:

Clintonialism: a neo neocon foreign policy steeped in intervention, war, regime change, and nation building. See also: Iraq, Libya, Syria.

As the general election draws nigh, with Hillary Clinton poised to become the next Commander in Chief, it behooves us to consider what that might mean for future American quagmires ―  foreign entanglements characterized by massive public expenditures in blood and treasure.

Clinton was an avid enthusiast of all the three disasters cited above. For someone who has been around as long as she has, with her detailed access to the particulars of these failed experiments in American exceptionalism, you’d think she would have learned something about the law of unintended consequences.

Admitting one is wrong on issues that has caused untold suffering is one thing. But how much harder will it be for someone who has achieved the the most powerful office in the world?

Meet the old boss. Same as the old boss.

Elephant DungA youthful Hillary in her job as a Goldwater Girl, cleaning up after Republican messes, now in a position to create her own.


*Caligastia is described in The Urantia Book as the technical devil mentioned in the Bible. He is a character distinct from Satan and Lucifer, also individuals central to a system wide civil war designated as The Lucifer Rebellion, the legacy of which we continue to endure.

Etch A Sketch Drumpf (UPDATE)

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Apr 262016

Etch A Sketch Drumpf

Understanding the Republican mind-set with the Drumpf Etch A Sketch

Four years ago in Etch A Sketch Romney, we quoted Mitt Romney’s senior aide and communications director, Eric Fehrnstrom as follows:

“Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all of over again”

Then six weeks ago in our post Is Donald Drumpf the Lord of the Flies?  we warned about “his recent threat to start acting presidential.”  It appears that the threat is now being realized, via implementation of a next generation upgrade to the Romney Etch A Sketch: The Drumpf Etch A Sketch, whose specs promise his transformation from a malignant narcissistic bigot into a candidate who can win a general election. (If you believe that, then please contact our Alchemy Division, where we promise to transform Republican shit into presidential gold.)

After his crushing defeat of Ted Cruz in New York last week, Drumpf actually referred to him as “Senator Cruz” instead of his standard “Lyin Ted.” Naturally, this caused a thrill to shoot up the leg of the punditocracy who were falling all over themselves to declare that Drumpf was changing his evil ways; that he was following through on his promise to be “presidential.” (Quick! Someone get conservative apologist David Brooks a fainting couch!) Well, that lasted less than 24 hours when Drumpf repeatedly referred to Cruz as Lyin Ted in a subsequent campaign appearance. No surprise there, as Drumpf has spoken out of both sides of his mouth so many times that the media doesn’t even notice or comment on it anymore (assuming they ever did).

For example, last week an audio tape of a closed-door meeting between new Drumpf campaign director Paul Manafort and an assemblage of top GOP officials surfaced in which he tries to reassure them Drumpf is just playing to the most bigoted part of the GOP crowd, and that “the part he’s been playing is evolving.” (Of course, this is a tacit admission that his followers are loyal devotees of Teh Stupid Cult.) In other words: “Don’t worry. Be happy. The Donald  will drop his boorish behavior in the general election and act like the statesman and unifier he really is.”

Manafort also dismissed accusations by Cruz that Drumpf has lied about his policies on immigration to “fool gullible voters.” Well, there certainly is no shortage of those voting Republican this year. Cruz himself has proven that with his own Etch A Sketch act. How many of his supporters know that he opposed the Wall Street bailout while using a $500,000 loan from his wife Heidi’s employer, Goldman Sachs, to launch his senate career, all the while bragging that he had risked everything to self-finance his up-by-his-bootstraps campaign?

In addition to last week’s revelation of the Manafort audio tape (reminiscent of the leak of  Romney’s disastrous 47% recording), another piece of essential GOP technology was exposed recently that proves its connection to, and collusion with ― wait for it ― the Bizarro universe! You know, that parallel reality where up is down, bad is good, war is peace, and tax-breaks for the rich trickle down to the poor. We speak here of the “Parallel Universe Self-Oscillating Fuzzy Reality Projector.”

Parallel Universe Fuzz Machine

Notice the button options. There is Starve, the GOP’s policy towards the “welfare state” and its safety-net-is-really-a hammock-for-the-takers meme. Bypass, which is their answer to Obamacare, as in: individuals unable to afford the extortionate demands of the for-profit medical industrial complex can just By-Pass Go and not collect $200,000 to pay for a critical medical procedure. And finally, OSC, which stands for “Overtly Stupid Conformity,” the button they push to get under-paid Southerners to support the Wall Street banksters and K Street lobbyists to support policies that militate against their own economic interests.

For the GOP’s sake, it better still be under warranty, as it is obviously malfunctioning. As the GOP presidential campaign has unfolded, whatever light that the GOP might have once emitted has been sucked into the black hole at the center of the Bizarro universe where their evil twins reside. Those tremors in the Force you’ve been feeling of late is proof that the rupture between the two parallel worlds has already occurred, resulting in the time-space manifold between them being turned inside-out, vomiting forth their dopplegangers into our every day political reality.

By way of analogy, its kinda like what happens when you open a spacecraft’s airlock and everything in the cargo bay gets sucked out the door. (Think of the scene from the movie Alien, where Sigourney Weaver flushes the evil alien out into the vacuum of space ― “Where no one can hear you scream”― as the film’s classic tagline has it.) Of the 17 original GOP presidential candidate crew members, 14 of them have already entered the earth’s atmosphere and are now toast. Two of the remaining three, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, are even now skimming along its edge and showing that characteristic warming glow.

That leaves Donald Drumf, who might have to wait until November to read his own political obituary, assuming he doesn’t spontaneously combust before then.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

The fate of Donald Drumf, according to a visionary named “Reality”


Seems That Politico had adopted the parallel universe, Bizarro alternate reality metaphor, to wit:

The parallel universe where Cruz is beating Trump; 04/27/16 12:12 AM EDT


Ryan’s GOP tries to create Trump-free alternate reality; 04/27/16 08:09 PM EDT

Graphic credits:


parallel universe]



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Apr 222016

Van Gogh 55Don’t expect to see a “Starry Night” 55er in your wallet—or in your lifetime;  and not just because you’re poor and apt to stay that way.


Money, it’s a crime
Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a raise it’s no surprise
That they’re giving none away
Away, away, away

—Pink Floyd



Somebody’s mock up of the new “Harriet”— guaranteed to make your trip to the strip club awkward.

Finally. The long overdue depiction of putting a great American woman, Harriet Tubman, on the face of a United States twenty dollar bill—even though it’s said it will take more than ten years to get’r done— oh and five other women— Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sojourner Truth— will eventually be on the greenback of a new $10 bill, (but will still have Alexander Hamilton on the front).   While this shows we can eventually do something right, it also exposes the moldy archaic lameness of the rest of our currency.

Like so many things in life, the velocity of change has simply smoked a large part of our historic culture, including just about every aspect of our ideas about money, wealth, and the economic reality we face as good little cogs in the capitalist wheel.  Or bricks in the wall.  Or middle class wage slaves in an open air debtor’s prison.  So it’s not all that strange that the way our money looks is just as dodgy and tired as the way it’s made and distributed among our people.  But.

We all learned to count by fives when we were young.  Too bad we can’t count greenbacks the same way:  Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty, Twenty-five, Thirty, up to say, $250,000.  Think of all those great American faces we could carry around in our purses and pockets;  that is if we had any to carry around.  And think of all the new money that would be out there for the making.  I knew that you could.


Money Talks: Jackson Pollock 25er

The “25er” puts Jackson Pollock and his “Shimmering Substance” across the front; yyeh, he’s smokin’.

“Dead Presidents,” a euphemism of American money, (not excepting Hamilton and Franklin), perfectly characterizes our inability to keep up with our own culture.  Clearly Dead Presidents aren’t the only ones who’ve helped make America what it is today.  There are plenty of Dead Musicians, Dead Painters, Hollywood Stars, Writers, and unsung heroes who are worthy of remembrance on a bit of currency.


Money Talks: Dude 5000Give us deh munneh, Lebowski!

Sadly, unless something amazing happens— like a Democratic Socialist becomes president— don’t expect you’ll be able to collect many any of them anytime soon, even if they made them;  because the unequal distribution of wealth in this country and the world isn’t going to change under the reigns of a Drumpf or a Clinton.

Money Talks: Chase Greenback

And if you think that sounds fishy, then you probably don’t know that it was Salmon P. (Patty) Chase who introduced the modern system of banknotes, uh, and having the humongous balls to put his own image on the first “greenback” dollar bill, while he was the sitting secretary of the Treasury.  He also had his mug on the $10,000 bill printed from 1928 to 1946, and was “instrumental” in placing the phrase “In God We Trust” on United States coins in 1864.

And speaking of trusting in God, that brings us to banksters, the wealthy, the “one percenters”;   and their money, the root of all evil.  It brings us to the time when we need, we must call a spade a spade, and give credit (no pun intended) where credit is due, and maybe be done with money, once and for all.

MONEY TALKS: Lucifer $1

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Prison Industrial Complex

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Apr 192016
Fencing surrounds the Walnut Grove Correctional Facility in Walnut Grove, Mississippi, U.S., on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. In Mississippis four privately run prisons last year, the assault rate averaged three times as high as in state-run lockups. None was more violent than the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Fencing surrounds the Walnut Grove Correctional Facility in Walnut Grove, Mississippi, U.S., on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. In Mississippis four privately run prisons last year, the assault rate averaged three times as high as in state-run lockups. None was more violent than the Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Three years ago, we posted “Prisons For Profit,” which explored the for-profit prison industrial complex. As one might expect, with the largest prison population on the planet ― nearly as much as China and Russia combined ― the US had once again proved its entrepreneurial mastery by pioneering a new profit center for our beloved Wall Street banksters.

The industry started out with a bang, as seen in this 2001 article by the Murdoch owned rag, The New York Post, titled: Private Prisons Stocks Hot- New Internment Camps, Cells Coming“:

America’s new wall of homeland security is creating a big demand for cells to hold suspects and illegal aliens who might be rounded up.

Stocks of private companies that build and operate prisons for governments have zoomed as high as 300 percent in anticipation of internment camps and new prisons.

“Unfortunately, these are becoming good investments,” said James MacDonald, a prisons-security analyst at First Analysts Securities.

All this was made possible when in 1996 President Bill Clinton signed the IIRAIRA Act into law:

President William Jefferson Clinton signed sweeping immigration reform legislation into law: the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act” (IIRAIRA). Two of the law’s central components were the creation of mandatory detention of certain immigrants charged with criminal grounds of removal, and the establishment of a program that permits state and local law enforcement to arrest, detain and interrogate noncitizens believed to be in violation Federal immigration laws.

Fast forward to the present. Yahoo Finance on April 12 of this year, reported on the largest for-profit prison corp, Corrections Corporation of America (stock symbol CXW) about the challenges it now faces:


Average compensated occupancy has declined every year since 2007 from 98.2%, and stood at 82.5% for the year-ended Dec. 31, 2015. While CXW desires a certain level of vacancy in order to meet demand, occupancy has remained well below its target range of available beds. CXW has lost multiple contracts in the last several years, some by choice as they relate to the company’s lower-margin, higher-occupancy managed-only facilities. The company has been unable to recoup the losses in occupancy through acquisitions or new contracts. Margins have also suffered, dipping below 28% in 2015 after remaining approximately at 30% since 2007. The decline in California inmate populations has also negatively affected the company’s operational metrics. However, CXW has consistently grown revenues per man-day with recent increases due to its high earning South Texas Family Residential Center

That “high earning South Texas Family Residential Center”, opened in 2014, is an illegal immigrant detention camp, where:

“Even toddlers get ID cards… 130 members of Congress have called on the administration to close the centers… that despite the amenities — a chapel, beauty salon and soccer field among them — the centers are prisons and no place for children.”

Around mid-February of this year, as the US stock market was tanking and world economies were teetering on the brink, the “R” word ― recession ― was making the rounds. But then the market recovered, recouping its losses for the year. Everything’s good now, right? Tell that to the Great State of Mississippi, where a troubling economic metric has reared its ugly head. What is this canary in the recessionary coal mine? The decline of prisoners in state and county jails.

According to Huffpo:

County officials across Mississippi are warning of job losses and deep deficits as local jails are being deprived of the state inmates needed to keep them afloat. The culprit, say local officials, is state government and private prisons, which are looking to boost their own revenue as sentencing and drug-policy reforms are sending fewer bodies into the correctional system.

Big sad.

In the late 1990s, as the overcrowded Mississippi prison system buckled under the weight of mass incarceration, the state asked local governments to build local correctional institutions to house state prisoners. It was billed as a win-win: The Mississippi Department of Correction would foot the bill for each prisoner, and the counties would get good jobs guarding them. The state guaranteed that the local jails would never be less than 80 percent occupied, and the locals would get a 3 percent boost in compensation each year.

After a few years, say local officials, the state offered a new deal: Instead of the 3 percent bump, they would give the locals more and more prisoners, thus boosting total revenue. Today, the state pays $29.74 per day per prisoner to the regional facilities, a deal that worked for everybody as long as the buildings were stuffed full with bodies.

Scott Strickland, president of the Stone County Board of Supervisors, said reforms at the state and local levels have shrunk the prison population. “Federal laws took some part in that — allowing prisoners to serve only a certain percentage of their term,” he said. “Also, they’ve reduced prison sentences for certain drug-related offenses.” [ibid]

God help us if the gubmint should ever decide to actually legalize drugs. Not only would that severely effect the prison industrial complex, but imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth we’d hear from the drug cartels as they are forced to rely on their less lucrative profit centers: immigrant smuggling, kidnapping, sex trafficking, and murder for hire. On a positive note, we could expect at least a temporary boon for K Street lobbyists, who will be able to sign a whole new clientele. (Though they might want to consult with Walter White about the that industry’s tolerance of failure.) But let us return to the law abiding civil servants and job creators of Mississippi.

As the wave of mass incarceration begins to recede, the Mississippi controversy has local and state officials talking openly about how harmful locking up fewer people up will be for the economy, confirming the suspicions of those who have argued that mass incarceration is not merely a strategy directed at crime prevention. “Under the administrations of Reagan and Clinton, incarceration, a social tool used for punishment, also became a major job creator,Antonio Moore, a producer of the documentary “Crack in the System,” wrote recently.

“I don’t think it necessarily started out this way, but the inmate population has become the backbone of some of these counties that are involved,” said Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Marshall Fisher as the controversy heated up.

The prisoners have value beyond the per diem, county officials add, when they can be put to work. State prisoners do garbage pickup, lawn maintenance and other manual labor that taxpayers would otherwise have to pay for. Convict labor has made it easier for local governments to absorb never-ending cuts in state funding, as tea party legislators and governors slash budgets in the name of conservative government.

The state knows it, and now demands that local jails house state convicts who perform labor for free, George County Supervisor Henry Cochran told The Huffington Post. The counties take the deal. “You’re either gonna go up on everybody’s garbage bill, or you’ve gotta house those inmates,” Cochran said. “You’re using that inmate labor, so [taxpayers are] getting a little good out of that inmate for their tax dollars. You either gotta hire a bunch of employees or keep that inmate. It’s like making a deal with the devil.” [ibid]

Speaking of the devil, have we mentioned recently that Debbie Wasserman Schultz ― who in her capacity as head of the DNC disadvantaged Bernie Sanders over the original debate schedule, is accused of a conflict of interest in handling tens of millions dollars of Hillary Clinton campaign donations, and was sued last month by the Sanders campaign over access to voter registration information ― is also a stooge of the private prison industry?

By 2012, the private prison industry, one of the main beneficiaries of this detention strategy, had fully wrapped its tentacles around the Democratic Party—blanketing them in a mutually beneficial quid pro quo for Democratic support of policies that increased profitability. For example, Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz notoriously sided with the Corrections Corporation of America over her constituents concerning the construction of a for-profit prison to jail immigrants.

Schultz is also a supporter of the usurious payday loan industry, so you might want to remember that the next time she and the DNC ask you for a donation.

As for Bernie’s position on what he calls “the “private, for-profit prison racket,” last September he sponsored “bills to ban private prisons, reinstate the federal parole system and eliminate quotas for the number of immigrants held in detention.” The Burlington Free Press has more:

…the “Justice is not for Sale Act”… would bar the federal government from contracting with private incarceration companies starting two years after passage.

“The profit motivation of private companies running prisons works at cross purposes with the goals of criminal justice,” Sanders said. “Criminal justice and public safety are without a doubt the responsibility of the citizens of our country, not private corporations. They should be carried out by those who answer to voters, not those who answer to investors.”

Taxpayers pay $80 billion a year bill to incarcerate 2.3 million people, according to the lawmakers. Of the nearly 1.6 million people in federal and state prisons in 2013, 8.4 percent were in private facilities.

Ellison said the private-prison industry spends millions each year lobbying for harsher sentencing laws and immigration policies that serve its bottom line.

“Incarceration should be about rehabilitation and public safety, not profit,” he said.

Finally, the wreckage left in the wake of conservative “reformers” grabbing the reins of political power at the local level aren’t limited to only one state:

Like Mississippi, neighboring Louisiana, as well as Kansas, have recently become laboratories for conservative policy, with hard-line Republicans slashing taxes and dramatically cutting spending. The argument was that the tax cuts would fuel growth. Instead, the states have become economic basket-cases — Kansas actually performed worse economically than its neighbors. Deficits in Kansas and Louisiana both soared and basic services have been cut beyond the bone. [ ibid]

There’s a widespread belief, especially among the GOP establishment, that if Donald Drumpf becomes the  nominee for president, the down-ballot effects would be enormous, affecting the Supreme Court, the Senate, the House, a number of GOP governorships, and even races at the local and state level. That’s why since last August I have posted here on the Trumpenstein phenomena (see herehereherehere); proudly displayed a custom designed “Trumpenstein!” bumper sticker on my car; and on my computer.


Go Trump!

Also too:

Go Debbie!

I mean that last line literally:  For the good of the party, not to mention the country, please, just go away.