Pressin’ The Chikin Franchise Flesh

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pruitt pressed some “CHIKIN” franchise flesh recently, while spreading a little moral turpitude in Morocco.*

21st Century Summer Reading

  We’re taking a summer break because, well, it’s already global warming summer. We’ll be back when we’re tired of sweating poolside. In the meantime, you really need to get ahead of the unfolding Trump Catastrophe;  but first things first:  We recommend you stop procrastinating about your spiritual progress and read The Urantia Book while you’re still alive on Urantia. …

The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ

Then Pilate led forth the bleeding and lacerated prisoner, clothed in a old purple royal robe with a crown of thorns piercing his brow and, presenting him before the multitude, said: “Behold the man!

The Saving Hand Of Jesus

It’s a good day to accept the saving hand of Jesus— eternal life.


    The idiot bastard son: (THE FATHER’S A NAZI IN CONGRESS TODAY . . . THE MOTHER’S A HOOKER SOMEWHERE IN L.A.)   The idiot bastard son: (ABANDONED TO PERISH IN BACK OF A CAR . . . KENNY WILL STASH HIM AWAY IN A JAR) THE IDIOT BOY!   • • •   Kenny will feed him & …


 Go ahead, you hungry freak— Eat That Question   That’s Right Boys and Girls, it’s Zappadan again.     (Original Notes By Master Eddie) EAT THAT QUESTION is the 4th track on THE GRAND WAZOO.   It provides a humorous image of the tendency of free jazz and fusion to deconstruct tempo and harmony in the free interaction of small …


December 3rd marks my discovery of The Urantia Book 45 years ago.  I still take a chunk of the day to reflect on what has happened in my life, since that momentous discovery.