Super Bowl 50 Not So Super for Jeb!

During Super Bowl 50, when Bernie Sanders was the Denver Bronco defense and Jeb! Bush was the Carolina Panthers offense, somebody thought it was a good idea to spend $5 million to run a commercial for Jeb!, featuring his village idiot brother.

Lifeboat Ethics For Compassionate Conservatives?

There are no Compassionate Conservatives in lifeboats… or anywhere else. Confronted with the ethics of other in a lifeboat of their own making, five “leaders” tell it like it is. . . In Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1944 film, Lifeboat, a few British and U.S. civilians, a German combatant, and a couple merchant marines are stuck in a lifeboat* together after their ship …

Three Things To Remember About JEBOOsh

Fool Me Bush

If you really want to feel the BOOsh, you must click it.


It’s pretty simple, really; if you don’t remember how the pit of your stomach felt when George H W. Bush, and George W. Bush won their respective nominations and subsequent elections, then maybe you haven’t actually discovered the “pit” in your stomach. It’s an ill-defined region of the lower abdomen, regarded as the visceral repository of strong feelings, especially anxiety.

I know I have one, because whenever I see a political poll showing Jeb Bush leading that ever-proliferating pack of Republican tools, it immediately regurgitates a loop of his little brother, struggling to get through that simple aphorism, and I get the queasies bad.

I realize the head of Trump Entertainment Resorts will continue to blow up the Republican primary process until we are all nauseated. But eventually, one of those clowns will manage to wade through their political slime-fest and onto the convention floor, to accept the nomination.

Although it seems like that event is a long way off, already there have been one or two nanoseconds when the pit of my stomach reminds me— it could happen again— and sends my imagination spinning wild into a future where stupefying things happen: another Bush is handed the presidency by the Supreme Court; more young Americans dying in four, maybe eight more years of senseless oil wars; all manner of social and cultural backwardness, including the complete destruction of the “middle” class; and the depths of political despair. By God. We can’t let that happen. We can’t get fooled again.


Had any wealth “trickle-down on you lately, pilgrim? (If you want to smell the avarice, you must click it.) No mortal who knows God and seeks to do the divine will can stoop to engage in the oppressions of wealth. No noble man will strive to accumulate riches and amass wealth-power by the enslavement or unfair exploitation of his brothers …

Saved By Zeros

The Republican Party is rife with Zeros these days. The nine nincompoops above are just a random gaggle selected from the dozens and dozens of them pining to spend time in the GOPper boxes of national leadership-ness-ness. The assortment of war criminals, gas bags, elderly has-beens, living and dead, and a burgeoning bunch of weiner wanna-bees will continue to plague the nation until the electorate relegates them to the slag-heap of history.

Dick Sorta Comes Out…

Seems like you can’t turn on the tee vee these days without being assaulted by the tortured logic of Dick Cheney. His recent flailings have been focused on massaging a flacid argument for brutality against America’s foe’s, especially the one’s we have in leg irons. But now he’s managed to interject himself into yet another battle raging on the front lines of the war on culture culture war. Sure, closeted gay Republicans have become passé in Washington since the sequestering of the Bush sock puppet down in Dallas, but Dick is on the loose again, and this time he’s got a hard-on for sweet young stud named Spencer.

They’re Here To Fux You Up

Maybe Rush Limpbot will buy an island somewhere,
and you can all immigrate there, take a loyalty oath,
and form yourselves a little wingnut paradise.