Super Bowl 50 Not So Super for Jeb!

Super Bowl 50

What 112 million people were watching Sunday

During Super Bowl 50, when Bernie Sanders was the Denver Bronco defense and Jeb! Bush was the Carolina Panthers offense, somebody thought it was a good idea to spend $5 million to run a commercial for Jeb!, featuring his idiot brother. Jimmy Kimmel provides the subtext.

Is Jeb’s handlers learning yet? Somewhere a village is missing its idiot

That’s like putting the shark from Jaws in a Charlie the Tuna commercial. No wonder Bush is still mired in single digit territory in the national polls.

Super Bowl 50 shark

Team Jeb! is going to need a bigger boat

Jeb! did manage, barely,  to come in fourth place in last night’s New Hampshire primary. But he was in a virtual tie with Marco Roboto, with each garnering 11% of the vote. Jeb!would have been fifth but for Marco’s spectacular flame-out during Saturday night’s GOP presidential debate. 

Bush & CO. spent $36 million in New Hampshire alone. That doesn’t come close to mitigating the effects of the Republican Supreme Court’s risible Citizens United ruling, but it does go towards proving that money can’t buy you love.

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