Do You Really Know What Love Is?


Do You Know What Love is? Alex Grey • Praying 3         Do you know what love is?  

God is Love— but love is not God. The greatest manifestation of divine love for mortal beings is his divine gift bestowal of the Spirit in us, but our greatest revelation of the Father’s love is seen in the bestowal life of his Son Michael as he lived on earth the ideal spiritual life. It is the indwelling Spirit who individualizes the love of God to each human soul.

Love is simply the desire to do good to others;  thus love has but one religion: The   Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. 

Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments. It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day we learn to love one more human being. If each day or each week we achieve an understanding of one more of our fellows, and if this is the limit of our ability, then we are certainly socializing and truly spiritualizing our personality.


 “Love is infectious, and when human devotion is intelligent and wise, love is more catching than hate. But only genuine and unselfish love is truly contagious.  If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love— and that would be the realiz ation of the brotherhood of man.”
—The  Urantia Book

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