The Cruzifer Rebellion (UPDATED)

Yet another former Republican Speaker of the House, professional hypocrite Newton Leroy Gingrich (who led the impeachment effort against President Bill Clinton on morals charges while cheating on his wife while she was dying of cancer), said that if it weren’t for the disdain that the country has for Donald Drumpf, they would better understand Cruzifer and what it’s like to work in his sulfurous presence.

Elizabeth Warren Dumps on Drumpf

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren stirred up a Twitter Twister Storm yesterday, warning that Donald Drumpf “stands ready to tear apart an America that was built on values like decency, community, and our neighbors.” Among other things, she called him “a loser; a failed businessman; a scammer; a bully; and an authoritarian. She depicts him as a flagrant narcissist whose “insecurities…petty bullying, attacks on women, [and] cheap racism” are on parade, for the whole world to see.

The Trump Phenomenon: Thank Fox News

From the film Ghostbusters: Fig Newton Gingrich in the role of Gozer The Traveler * Here we go again. Back in August, we posted Trumpenstein, in which we laid the creation of the Trump Phenomenon squarely at the feet of Fux News: His political persona is as much a creation of the political arm of the GOP, Fux News, as it is …

The Mittum Uncertainty Principle

We were reminded of these fundamental laws of quantum mechanics this weekend as the media ‘measured’ Mitt Romney’s claims about his involvement with Bain Capital…

GOP VP Hot Potato

Don’t be surprised to see this guy standing on a street corner near you With today’s primaries in Pennsylvania, New York, Deleware, Connecticut, and Rhode Island packing all the dramatic punch of a Sarah Palin reality show rerun, much of the punditariat has chosen to turn their sights on the GOP Veepstakes instead. With Willard Romney firmly in the nomination …

Penguin Survives Biting The Newt!

We’ve always known that there was something fishy about The Newt.  So we weren’t surprised to hear that a penguin at the St. Louis Zoo took a bite out of him over the weekend. Fortunately for the little water fowl, she was current on all her shots and is expected to survive her bout with reverse rabies. MSNBC’s First Read …

A Country Divided

Romney takes it in the chin for supporting the Ryan Rethug budget