Elizabeth Warren Dumps on Drumpf

Elizabeth WarrenIs Elizabeth Warren demonstrating the size of Drumpf’s Brain?

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren stirred up a Twitter Twister Storm  yesterday, warning that Donald Drumpf  “stands ready to tear apart an America that was built on values like decency, community, and our neighbors.” Among other things, she called him “a loser; a failed businessman; a scammer; a bully; and an authoritarian. She depicts him as a flagrant narcissist whose “insecurities…petty bullying, attacks on women, [and] cheap racism” are on parade, for the whole world to see.

Makes you wonder how she really feels about America’s latest entry into the Fascist Olympics.

Meanwhile, Politico reports:

Donald Drumpf huddled with a small group of Republican lawmakers and other political leaders for more than an hour in Washington on Monday as they discussed foreign policy, the Supreme Court and the need to unify the GOP behind Drumpf.

The real estate mogul gathered at the law firm of Jones Day, just steps away from the Capitol building, part of a full day in Washington that includes a press conference and a landmark speech before Jewish leaders at AIPAC

The meeting attracted about two dozen Republican officials and came just days after anti-Drumpf forces convened in Washington to plot their own strategy to deny the Republican front runner the nomination….No members of Senate leadership attended the meeting, which happened as the chamber was on recess.

One has to wonder whether, absent the recess excuse, any Congress critters would have shown up, other then those who have already endorsed Drumpf. That would include: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.). The only exception of an attendee who hasn’t endorsed Drumpf, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), claims he is neutral on supporting any one candidate before the nomination convention.

Two former Congress critters did attend: former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint, now head honcho at the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation;  and former Speaker of the House, Newton Leroy Gingrich.


The question arises in light of a vow by the anti-Drumpf super Pac, Our Principles PAC,* to follow Drumpf around with a video camera like a junkie in pursuit of a fix, hoping to rat-out any Republican leader who shows up at future Drumpf rallies. Just one of a number of signs of panic that has gripped the GOP Establishment, now hell-bent on their mission to deny Drumpf the nomination. Why? Simple― they fear that not only losing the presidency, but the Supreme Court, the Senate, and even an out-side chance of losing the House as well.

All of which leads us to a number of intriguing possibilities:

  1. Drumpf enters the GOP convention with enough delegates to secure the nomination outright. Will the GOP bigwigs then suppress their collective gag reflex and support the winner, earning themselves the George Will Award, aka “Vichy Republicans“? If not, will they break away and start a third party, hoping to field an independent candidate that could qualify on enough state ballots to take on Democratic nominee? Will they sit on their hands and stay home? Or heaven forfend, hold their nose with one hand and vote for Clinton with the other, assuming she’s the nominee? (I can’t see them ever voting for a self-avowed socialist, which would be a GOP Life Extinction Event.)
  2. Drumpf enters the convention with a vast plurality of delegates but not the requisite number 0f 1237, opening the door to a brokered or contested convention. While some of Drumpf’s existing delegates committed to a first ballot vote will still support him in at least one subsequent ballot, most of them will be free to vote for whomever on subsequent ballots. What do you think the going rate for a delegate to switch his or her vote will be?
  3. That brings us to the Rules Committees. I use the plural because there will be in effect two: the legacy committee, dominated by Romney supporters who were able to deprive Ron Paul of a vote via a highly suspect voice-vote at the 2012 convention conducted by then Speaker of the House and consequent convention chair, John Boehner. That rule, which requires a candidate to have carried at least 8 states, is still in effect. That would eliminate John Kasich from contention if it remains in force. That would advance Ted Cruz, the second worst choice and runner-up GOP nightmare, to the forefront. But wait!―there’s more!
  4. A news Rules Committee will be voted in by a complicated formula of local state and county officials for the 2016 convention. They will be free to dump the Romney Rule, keeping Kasich in play; as well as other non-candidates that might parachute in at the last moment, such as Willard Mitt Romney. There’s nothing to prevent the new rules from depriving Drumpf of the nomination, even if he is just a few votes short on the first ballot.
  5. If that scenario unfolds, all hell will break out. The Grand Old Party will break up. Big sad. Hasta la vista, baby.
  6. Caveat: There are likely a number of possible variables, based on the complexities of the delegate selection rules, that might yet effect any or all of these outcomes. Stay tuned.

Given all that, I find it remarkable that someone of Elizabeth Warren’s stature is pulling out all the stops to keep what looks like on the surface, the wholesale implosion of the Republican Party. Why stop them from shooting themselves in both feet, followed up by a double-tap kill-shot to the head, eliminating them from the battlefield altogether?

We’ll have to explore what lies beneath her decision in a future post.

BREAKING NEWS: Just a we were going to post, news broke that there’s been a terrorist attack in Brussels: two bombs at the main airport and one in a subway. At least 31 people are reported dead. This follows in the wake of Friday’s arrest of the remaining terrorist involved in the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam. Already Drumpf has weighed in, proclaiming that he would have used torture on Asdeslam, much to the consternation of the US intelligence community who say this will damage their efforts to prevent such attacks in the future.


* “It’s no coincidence that the super PAC leading the charge against Drumpf is run by Romney’s former chief strategist, Katie Packer. Early donors include Hewlett-Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman; billionaire hedge fund manager and political activist Paul Singer; Chicago businessman, Richard Uihlein, who has dropped some $10 million on various conservative super PACs over the last six years; and Marlene Ricketts, the wife of billionaire T.D. Ameritrade founder J. Joe Ricketts (who also owns the Chicago Cubs), who started the ball rolling with a $3 million contribution.” ―From Urantian Sojourn’s  White Horse Prophecy Redux.  

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