Clinton Attacks. . .

CINCINNATI – In a stunning display of frustration and anger over tactics she described as being from “Carl Rove’s playbook,” Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton tore into Barack Obama with a vengeance, today. One observer close to the fray said, “The fur was really flying.”

The Obama campaign quickly struck back, saying that Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s top spokesman, had claimed that one Democrat comparing another Democrat to George Bush, was “the worst kind of tactical political maneuvering.”

Clinton, wrapped in a lovely calico coat, (see video) ripped into Obama with, “So, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” eerily reminiscent of George Bush’s famous flub of those lines, and clearly upset with herself, having been fooled eleven straight times in recent weeks by hundreds of thousands of voters.

Clinton continued, “Shame on you, Barack Obama,” her tenor continuously angry, and well, screechy. “Time and time again, you hear one thing in speeches and then you see a campaign that has the worst kind of tactics, reminiscent of the same sort of Republican attack on Democrats,” Clinton said, dragging her left fore-paw across Obama’s nose, drawing blood. Afterwards, the ever articulate Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, obviously stunned, chimed in by saying repeatedly, “She just knows more. She just knows more.”

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