William F. Buckley Graduates

The Lizard King is gone. Have fun up there, Bill.

William F. Buckley

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  1. Propagandee

    Ah, Bill:

    Don’t know exactly how I came to have a soft spot for a guy who was undergoing training as a CIA agent while I was busy being born.

    And shortly thereafter, giving birth to what is euphemistically called “the conservative movement” viz his publishing of a (CIA financed?) rag called The National Review.

    Perhaps it was because I was beginning to develop an interest in politics and debate while he was hosting a pioneering show that served as the template for the McClaughlin Group, Crossfire, Nightline, Oddball, Hardball, et al.

    Not to mention his subsequent call for the legalization of marijuana and his opposition to the Iraq war.

    None of which is meant to excuse his racism, anti-Semitism, and his call for the tattooing of people with HIV.

    Clearly a mixed bag. But like they say:

    Such a life on such a planet.

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