Will The Press Ever Give McCain a Break?

For weeks on end, Senator John McCain, the valiant warrior/hero of our last interminable war, has borne the torturous brunt of the MSM’s obsession with his plans for continuing the Iraq War indefinitely, our worsening economic catastrophuck, and his recent spate of “senior moments,” which they insinuate reveals his funda-mental inability to understand the dynamics of the Middle East.

The senior senator from Arizona recently returned from Iraq and Israel, where, on a day that saw at least sixty-one Iraqis relinquish the freedoms of their new-found democracy for cozy coffins, also witnessed McCain being mercilessly harangued by a press core that trained observers thought more closely resembled the Spanish Inquisition than a bunch of talking point pussies. (See Video)

John McCain suffers a brutal grilling by agents of the MSM.

Just how long the seventy-one year old McCain will be subjected to the “comfy chair” of media intimidation is anyone’s guess. There is wide-spread speculation that such harsh interrogation techniques by the press are a direct result of the government’s own relaxed attitude towards increasingly harsh and inhumane interrogation of anyone it suspects of, well, anything.

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