As the Iraqis Sit Down, We’ll Stand Up

We fear they are about to make the mistake that so many others have made when they have endeavored to force a superior culture and religion upon other races. —The Urantia Book

More Than 1,000 in Iraq’s Forces Quit Basra Fight

So begins the front page article in today’s NY Times. The total number of ‘quitters’ could be as high as 1500 (including two battlefield commanders), or over 4% of the total Iraqi presence in southern Iraq.

That the government military forces were getting their asses kicked by Sadr’s neighborhood militias; that US air power and Special Forces units had to be called into the fight; that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki had to be rescued from his command center— doesn’t augur well for George W. Bush’s fictitious exit strategy. (A fiction reflected in John McSame’s comment that Americans will be in Iraq for another 100 years).

Probably just coincidence that the failed military operation occurred within days of Darth Cheney’s visit to Baghdad. And just before the new NIE on Iraq was finished. And just before General Petraeus’ scheduled testimony before Congress next week, during which he is expected to recount what a huge success the escalation surge has been.

And though the Bushies will once again do their best to deny the law of unintended consequences, the fact is that Iran was (once again) the clear winner in the conflict. In addition to its role as peacemaker in arranging the cease fire, the deserting troops are being replaced with members of the Iran Revolutionary trained Badr brigades.

Iran’s Manchurian Cowboy Candidate strikes again.

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