Sooner or Later, You’ll Own Generals- Update

Well, it’s been two weeks since The NY Times broke the story of the Pentagon‘s psy ops, perception management campaign created to sell the Iraq War to the American public by 75 former military officers– reverse embeds, if you will.

Thus far, not a single television network or cable news company has bothered to respond to the charges, despite a question posed to the White House Press Secretary Dana Perino about it last week; a Pentagon statement that it was “temporarily” suspending the program; and a letter by 38 congressmen demanding a formal investigation of what is clearly a violation of US law– the Pentagon’s propagandizing of the American public, which has been illegal since the 1920s.

The only MSM TV report was on PBS’ McNeil Leher program featuring a debate between founder, John Stauber, author of Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in In Bush’s War on Iraq (2003), and former ABC Pentagon correspondent, Robert Zelnick, which can be seen here. Though PBS invited reps from all the tv networks involved, as well as the Pentagon, they all passed.

Funny that. Further coverage of the scandal can be found here.

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