Weasels Ripped My Exoskeleton

• • • ZAPPADAN • • •

Mitch the Bitch McConnell’s veneer of civility is exposed.


WASHINGTON —  Senate Republicans, led by android creep pussbag Mitch McConnell, crapped all over  the last day of Zappadan by pretending the  anti-American obstructionist bullshit which continues to flow from every pore of the fascist Republican cabal was actually just them insisting on their “…right to participate in the the legislative process.”

(Pause for personal cleanup)

This on the heels of their failure to pass an auto bailout package that focuses on saving the livelyhood of several million ordinary Americans;  you know—  little people.

When asked about the temerity of Repuglicans to ignore the fate of the nation, McConnell clicked into a meaningless spew of, “Let me hasten to remind you, my election was not close,”  I won by over 100,000 votes, I carried 87 out of 120 counties, and it was the third-largest margin I’ve ever gotten.”  Who GaF?

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