Fred is on Shrooms

This Youtube video has been viewed by 1,301,195 people;  that’s one million, three-hundred and one thousand, one-hundred and ninety-five internet users as of April 1, 2009.  There were 12,791 comments when we encountered Fred on shrooms;  for example:

LMAO. thats just. too amazing xDD

my face just turned into bologna for like, a half a second. HAHAHAHA.

lmaooo nice job that cupcake was just genious

Fred is all a sudden so much less gay and so much cooler.

I hate youtube.

man this shit sux …its fucking stupid…its not funny, and its not real…you can tell that guy cant act, cause i could tell he was acting

how the f did this video get so many views?.

Could it be all those women searching the toobs trying to cure their stretchmarks?

you have really great teeth.

lol amazing job dude! Me and Taylor Launter keep on watching this repeadely over and over again

i fuckin hate u

lol i just luv how cute he is and how creative this dude is like hes amazing and i luv how u see his reflection from the mirror

haha that actually reminded me of the first time my brother and i did shrooms. and u kinda look like my friend when hes high. amazing

Yeah;  that’s an ad for premium quality, guaranteed sterile, ready to use research spores. . .

i fucking love you! i like have an obsession with you. <3 wtcc babyy.
i have a question though.  do you just speed up your voice or like the whole video?

it on that FUKKO FUKKO wiggger bitch where you live? mother FUKKO wiggers get no love Gang $ ta in Kansas City 620 bitch. you perra aspirants. I bet living in FUKKO lodon right?

bitch if you live ne where n gimme your address gives me trouble wit ur AZZ Banna clip.

iz B.L.P and wtf? if not with Tha folkkz FUKKO ur lame u Chit AZZ WIGGER red head. ur rhymes r $ hit bitch.
where is ur hood FUKKO the Hamptons? u lil white FUKKO WIGGER FUKKO SGD Chit ur n my grave I’m up


This is our April Fool’s Day video response to “Fred on Shrooms”:


enokitake mushrooms
Not these. These don’t do anything.

Sure; they’re just children;  the addled children of friends of yours.  Children who’ve done. . .  shrooms.

. . .And your mind is movin’ raw. . .” —Grace Slick

These are also the children whom we’re trying to save from having to pay trillions of dollars worth of debilitating debt.

You know, Fuck it.   Let’m deal.


  1. Hi Db,
    Only in the potential sense, I should say. Anyone indwelt by Spirit can forsake it, whether they’ve actually realized any relative enlightenment or not; and provided it hasn’t already left due to spiritual death. And only the Big Kahuna knows when that is. 🙂

  2. “What about your children? You say there are just a few? There are many, many more, coming in the same direction. They are running in the streets-and they are coming right at you!”

    That’s what happens when you forsake enlightenment for getting wasted.


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