Compassionate Conservative Emergency

Marsha BlackwellOh yes we are.

Sonoran Alliance:

Named a ‘rising star’ by the Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, only three years ago, U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn has quickly earned a renowned reputation as one of America’s most articulate and engaged political leaders.

But you must see and hear this “articulate and engaged” “rising star” for yourself:


The National Journal described Congressman Blackburn as a ‘top House conservative’ in recognition of her conservative voting record. Americans for Tax Reform called the Congressman a ‘taxpayer hero’. The National Taxpayer Union named her ‘taxpayers friend’. She received the ‘Best & Brightest Award’ from the American onservative (sic) Union for her 100% conservative voting record.

And yes, she does prefer to be called “Congressman.”

Well. the “Congressman” is probably going to be called a lot of things now that she has officially come out of Teh Stoopid closet.  But “articulate and engaged” are no longer going to be among them.


  1. mary b

    Believe me, if I ever get enough money to get away from this place, I’d be gone faster than a N.Y. minute.
    I was born in CT and lived there for 36 years. Back home, as I still call it after living in this hell hole for 14 years that feel like an eternity. My Mother warned me about moving here but didn’t listen. I kept thinking this is the 20th century, how bad could it be? Ha, was I wrong!
    By the way, I love this website. You guys always cheer me up when I’m feeling down. For that, you have my heartfelt THANKS!

  2. My condolences, Mary; I’m sure I won’t be the first to tell you to get the hell out of District 9 (TN, GA, SC); let the morons have it. Let’s just be sure they don’t take the rest of the nation down the hole with them.

  3. mary b

    I know that I’m really late with this comment. But I live in this crazy a$$ bitches state. Tax Hero? What a joke. We have a 9 and3/4 tax on groceries! She is a tax hero only to the wealthy. And, she’s a racist pig. You have to be 196% below federal poverty level to get food stamps. If you have a family of 4 and make $16,000/year, you are over qualified. That’s the state of TN. Mississippi helps people more than TN.

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