Need Dem Balls For Health Care Reform

Half a billion years of evolution and the Dems still don’t know how to grow a pair…


  1. “Obama, OTH, Acts like someone who has had his lunch money stolen one to many times from bullies at his Punahou high school.”


    I don’t know how to fix that, or if you even can fix that. Therapy takes time, and we don’t have that particular commodity. I worried that Obama might be a spoiler like Perot or McCain was in the 90s, but I never figured on it turning out like this.

  2. Propagandee

    SEC: Thanks for the link from your rant. I second the emotion…

    Sherry: As Senate majority leader, LBJ was plenty tough when it came to negotiating deals with his fellow politicians. I think Vietnam just ate into his soul. (Ever see a photo of him in his final years? Looked like a hippie!)

    FDR said the establishment would hate him for his efforts to reign in the banksters and for creating of a social safety net, and to bring it on.

    Obama, OTH, acts like someone who had his lunch money stolen one too many times from the bullies at his Punahou high school. Not hard to imagine him trying to negotiate a bi-partisan percentage…

  3. everyone is having these thoughts! The Dems have been fucktards since…oh gosh, maybe since FDR. I was about to say LBJ, but the ballsy one couldn’t stand up to the peaceniks could he? (happily I might add). But when do we find a really tough Dem? How far do you have to go back, before somebody just did what was needed?

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