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Stephen Colbert’s smackdown interview of wingbat racist Laura Ingraham

After some initial bantering, Stephen interviews Laura Ingraham about her new book, The Obama Diaries, a fictional account in which she puts words,  pulled straight out of her ass, into the mouths of the Obamas (and Joe Biden) in a lame attempt at satire.

Colbert destroys her narrative pretense that these are actual diaries and not just another right wing smear piece by asking in his trademarked feigned amazement:

What are the odds that Barack Obama’s private musings would completely and perfectly match up with the narrative that the right is trying to push about him?

After Ingraham credits Obama for not being dumb, even masterful, Colbert chooses that moment to go for the kill with a critique that should warm the hearts of creative writing teachers everywhere:

Well, I don’t know. I’ve read a fair amount of this book and I have got to tell you: This writing is terrible!

Finally, Colbert exposes Ingraham’s not so subtle racism by reading an excerpt from the book where she describes Michelle Obama eating baby back ribs three times a day.  What— no watermelon?

Boy, I can’t wait until the next publicist books one of these wingers with a book to sell on Colbert’s show.

Bonus revelation.  At the end of the interview, Colbert busts her about once dating Keith Olbermann. Perhaps we should mark that as the official beginning of the Apocalypse.

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  1. i watched that and laughed my ass off. she’s smart enough to realize she was being ridiculed, but she just kept talking and making believe that someone in the room actually had a smidgeon of respect for her. she’s an arrogant ass who doesn’t appear to have a sense of humor.

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