Squirrley Islamophobia & The Rapture Rupture (Update)

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Here’s a couple of clips from last night’s Daily Show that capture the absurdities of the current wave of Isalmophobia sweeping the US, and the desire among both Christians and Muslims for bringing this sorry world to an abrupt end.

In the first skit, Islamophobiapalooza, Jon Stewart reports on the threatened burning of Korans by a couple of Christian Taliban leaders on 9/11, which didn’t go off as originally planned. Terry “Yosemite Sam” Jones from Gainseville, Florida claimed divine intervention in the form of a call or a tweet or whatever from God saying ix-nay on the urning-bay. And a planned torching in an Amarillo, Texas city park by the leader of a local radical Christian group was foiled by braided skateboarder who swiped it from him, saying:

Dude– you have no Quran to burn!

The segment ends with Stewart highlighting the utter hypocrisy of various Fux News propagandists and supreme asshat Rudi Guliani accusing Imam Rauf of playing the fear card if he doesn’t get his way on the planned Cordoba House project.

In the second skit,  Wyatt Cenac and Aasif Mandvi find common ground in the coming Apocalypse and rapture in Team Mohammed vs. Team Jesus – Religious Conflict.  Unfortunately, The Daily Show has the wrong embed code for the vid at present. I’ll add it later if they fix it.

UPDATE:  Here ’tis.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Team Mohammed vs. Team Jesus – Religious Conflict
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Meanwhile, I explored the same theme in one of my first posts here on Urantian Sojourn: McCain Gets End Times Endorsement (The Rapture Rupture).  An excerpt:

Rapture Rupture! Unsuspecting Christians Victims of Alien Black Ops

by Propagandee

WASHINGTON, [C.U. News] — A large segment of the world’s estimated two billion Christians are no longer among us.

“The aliens came like thieves in the night,” reported Pentagon spokesman Hymen Feith, an orthodox Jew. “Apparently, they were abducted by a vast fleet of extraterrestrial spaceships that suddenly appeared in the skies yesterday evening through a previously undetected wormhole over the Arctic.”

“We were facing a severe labor shortage on our world,” explained the Alien Commander Flybotz from the planet Rove. “Our previous work force, er, ..expired,” he added after consulting his translator’s thesaurus.

Using the troposphere as a massive projection screen, the Rovians put on a stunning audio visual holographic light show, backed up by a horn section to die for.

“I was particularly proud of the customized fiery chariots” beamed Production Designer Zybok, describing the evacuation vehicles used to transport the rapturees into the spaceship cargo holds.

Asked what his most difficult challenge was, he replied: “Getting them to don their rapture helmets. They were skeptical at first, but after we explained to their leader, a Rev. Hagee, that the helmets were necessary to dampen the blinding light from their new halos, they readily agreed.”

Commander Flybotz said they were even now enjoying their hyperspace jump back to his home world. “We produced a special inflight movie to keep them happy. Actually, they think it’s a real time satellite feed of the fate of those Left Behind. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but the denouement involves Muslims, giant meat hooks, homosexuals, Urantia Book readers, and a vast burning lake of sulfurous fire.”

When queried about the rapturees’ human rights, Koblotz replied: “Oh, on Planet Rove we believe in democracy. We plan to allow them to vote just as soon they understand what is in their own best interests.”

Film at 11:00. . .

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