Mosque Foes v. Justin Bieber

Sully v. Bieber: UFC Pay Per View Dream Ticket





This is just too funny.  Salon published an article titled:

Mosque foes launch Bieber boycott

The unlikely story of how the teen pop sensation became ensnared in the “ground zero mosque” fight

Andy Sullivan, a construction worker and Brooklyn native, has been one of the loudest opponents of Park51, the planned mosque and community center near ground zero.  Founder of the 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge — under which construction workers vow not to work at the mosque site — Sullivan has been a regular presence on television, known for wearing his signature American flag hard hat and talking tough about radical Muslims.

So it was quite a surprise this month to read that Sullivan has set his sights on a new target: Canadian teen pop superstar Justin Bieber.

Mosque foes recently started a boycott of Bieber after he made comments in support of the mosque project in an interview with Tiger Beat, a teen fan magazine, Sullivan told WYNC earlier this month. Now, his 8-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son have been banned from attending Bieber performances.

“I informed them, ‘Hey guys, guess what? Justin Bieber spoke out for the ground zero mosque,” Sullivan explained to Salon in an interview. “My little girl took down his poster and said she didn’t want to have nothing to do with him anymore. These are my kids. They’re living this thing.”

A Facebook page has been set up by an ally of Sullivan publicizing the boycott of Bieber and several other pro-mosque celebrities. It has attracted nearly 500 fans….

Cynthia Bloemer: That stupid dhimmi kid spoke out for the Mosque. Idiot kid!

Megan Alpert: That’s crazy Cynthia. I totally missed that all together.

Administrator: Justin took an adult position and spoke out in support of the mosque in tigar beat magazine. He one of the most influential teen sensations, reaching millions of impressionable kids. If he is going to play like the big boys he better expect some back lash…

Megan Alpert: Well then he is leading all the young teens into a funny way of thinking. He was just a baby when the attack came upon us. He has no clue what we are up against. He is very lost.

Walter H Steinlauf: Justin Beiber is “fishing in DEEP water” now. I eat people like that for breakfast.




Problem is, the whole story was a spoof started by a site called— a porn site.

Wingnuts— pwn’d again.

New Year’s resolution:  Get brain scans of wingers like these and name own price as lead writer for any of the late night comedy shows.

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  1. happy new year to some of my favorite fellas! 😀

    let’s hope the new year brings a lot fewer idiots like andy sullivan. i love that he got pwned, and i hope he gets reminded of it every time he has a microphone in front of his bigoted face.

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