The Newtie & Nancy Show

Oh, oh.

If this two year old commercial paid for by the Alliance For Climate Protection gains currency among the Teabaggers, Newtie‘s presidential ambitions are in big doo doo. As political dynamite goes, it’s on a par with the Mittster‘s embrace of Obamacare”s individual mandate. What I like to call O-Romney Care.

Perhaps the Newster figures that his promise to abolish the EPA, which the Supremes ruled in 2007 has the legal power to limit carbon emissions as pollutants, will be the shiny object that will divert the ‘Baggers’ monochromatic attentions.

Pay no attention to that woman next to me on the bench– the devil is a clever mistress and assumes many forms. Since y’all forgave my serial adultery and what that reveals about my unswerving committment to family values, I invite you to extend your compassion. Join with me in my personal odyssey of redemption and forgive my position on climate change as well! You won’t be sorry.

Is there a bigger political whore in the universe?

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  1. I was just in Atlanta visiting my sons and grand kids in suburban North Atlanta and I want you cats to know that Newtie has some serious support there, based upon his perceived “brilliance”, and the racial undercurrent that still exists in the South. They would also like to have a favorite son back in power. (Another paradox is that church attendance is at an all time high.)

    The intellectual sophistry that prevails herein is uniquely liberal, by being based on reasonably rational thought (read factual) despite the satire (as opposed to the self interest which prevails here in the D.C. area). However, the South remains polarized, and it’s an irrational polarization. The Tea Party also continues to attract. Of course I try to spend as much time as possible in the Urantia spiritual world, realizing that the many sided political debate will always carry on.

    I do always marvel at the refreshing fact that there are so many people in all regions that have heart, sympathy, empathy and compassion no matter their politics. The D.C. area has some of these people also, just seemingly less of them.

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