Mitt The Murdering Mormon UPDATED

Barely sentient Santorumites whine that this is just a hilarious “joke” ad; definitely not a portrayal of Romney as a crazed homicidal maniac.

Rick Santorum is a creep.  But he’s a creep who revels in his reputation for wearing his various Catholic peccadilloes on his chest rather than his sleeve.  One of those peccadilloes is his obnoxious presumption of the high moral ground in every circumstance.  But. You’ve been so punked, Rick.

Rick Santorum‘s toadies are actually bragging that his “Rombo” ad will be seen by every voter in Michigan.  Seriously?  You want them to see this?!?  If you watched the video you saw an ad approved by Santorum, in which he is shown to be a two-dimensional cardboard cutout— who Willard Romney finds hanging out all alone— in the cavernous, dusty vacant floor of some unnamed, but clearly failed and abandoned American business.

Although this is creepy/weird enough on its own, it’s also set to the tune of a metaphor of a man-on-man stalking predator, assaulting Rick with what appears to be a fearsome weapon, attempted murder by a look-alike of Romney, who has obviously tailed Santorum to this isolated location;  he is depicted wielding a liquid-poop-firing AK-47 dressed up like a paintball gun.

Santorum, a defenseless, unarmed, and brainless cardboard cutout, is only spared a horrible death by poopball, because Romney’s Rombo’s weapon fails to deliver— and spews Romney himself with a disgusting brown liquid too vile to Google.

And well, because slow-motion cardboard Rick is amazingly good at dodging poopballs.

Oh how the irony burns and burns.






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