Wag The Beeoch

Beeoch Jan Brewer
The Scorpion Eater is learning that giving our President the finger is not free.

Arizona’s Repuglican Governor Jan Brewer‘s confrontation with President Obama on an Arizona tarmac last month is finally incurring some consequences.  A Mr. Leonard Clark has filed the necessary paperwork to place a referendum recalling Brewer on the November ballot.  Clark noted Brewer‘s proposed changes to the state’s personnel system as the reason for his recall initiative, but added that her incident with President Obama was also part of his decision to file.

“The whole finger wagging incident crystalized it,” said Mr. Clark. “She is embarrassing our state.”

Uh no.  She embarrassed herself and our Nation.

Obama with Scorpion Eater Brewer
What’s wrong with this picture?  Most Americans know instantly.

Jan Brewer is not a sophisticated, well-educated graduate of a School of Statesmanship,* or even political science.  Her entire secondary education consists of just enough time at a California community college to become certified as a radiological technologist;  she did not earn any sort of degree.

Of course, nothing guarantees that a mandatory degree in Statesmanship for all public office holders would have prevented her from acting out her disrespect for our president.  Nor is her display an isolated incident among Repuglicans— Republicans who act repugnantly.  (Remember “You lie!” Joe Wilson?  And then there’s the continuing idiocy of the birthers.)

But we must move forward from where we find ourselves.  And where we find ourselves is up to our nuts with nuts, who hold elected office.  And yet public displays of disrespect for our president from elected partisan boors, while ugly and disheartening, are not the worst of it.

We continually harp on the burgeoning problems associated with our nation’s uneducated electorate— universal suffrage in the hands of an uneducated and indolent majority— as a clear and present danger to our democracy.  We are now coping with the results of that situation in the form of a political party full of ignorant, homophobic bigots willing to obstruct all progress in solving our nation’s problems in order to defeat one man:  Barack Obama.

The time to fight back is now.  Find, join, and financially support progressive action committees like Bold Progressives, MoveOn, etc., you know who they are.

Only forward-looking and progressive attitudes are personally real.  It’s time for all progressives to unite, and help lead our country and our planet into one of the most amazing epochs this world has ever seen.


* Statesmanship conveys a quality of leadership that organically brings people together, and of eldership, a spirit of caring for others and for the whole.



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