The Yellow Shark

The Yellow Shark  •  Repixeled by Terry Kruger
*Original sculpture by Mark Beam

There really is a Yellow Shark.

A Yellow Shark was caught in 2004 off the coast of Australia, and it was considered a one in a million mutation of the Port Jackson Shark, common in those waters.  And that other one in a million yellow shark, Zappa‘s Yellow Shark— is, well, plastic.*  It makes a swimming cameo appearance in the vid below.  Enjoy.

Hope you had a relaxing and efficacious Zappadan. . .

See you next year…  keep it greasy.

One comment

  1. “For me it was completely clear that it must become the symbol of our event, of our tour! Because the yellow shark, he’s so pregnant with some of Frank’s characteristics. He’s very hard and a little poison, but on the other hand, he’s very friendly and charming. Two things which Frank can be very often: poison for bad people, charming for good ones! Of course, also it’s such a good logo.” (Andreas Mölich-Zebhauser, Manager of the Ensemble Modern at the time)

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