Cosmological Questions For Lunch.

Day 24,510 On This Planet

But first:

Remember:  On average, stars are no closer together than say, a dozen oranges would be at maximum equidistance from each other inside the volume of the sphere of the earth.

Please answer, if you can:

Where and or how did time and space originate?

Who (or what) created the universe(s)?

What is reality?

What is life, and how did it originate on this world?

Can you prove the spiritual world does not exist?

Do you have a cosmology that synthesizes the apparently divergent sciences of nature into a consistent and logical universe philosophy, a coordinated and unbroken explanation of both science and philosophy?

What is gravity?

How did atoms originate?

What is matter?

How can we be sure we have discovered the smallest unit of material matter?

What causes, or drives, evolution?

If what is admittedly higher— intelligence— evolved from what is admittedly lower— primordial slime— how did this potential become invested in “mud”?

What is Mind?

What is consciousness?

Why are there such vast numbers of galaxies of stars?

Why is space so incomprehensibly VAST?

Why is everything— from the guts of every atom, to the path of every sun— in motion?

Is there anything— or any place— that isn’t in motion?

Does space end?  Is it circular?  Is it infinite?

What is infinite?

What is finite?

How was this world formed?

What is religion?

What is a soul?

Is worship a waste of time?

Is prayer a delusion?

What is Truth?

What is Beauty?

What is Love?

What is Evil?

Are there ghosts?

Are there any “supernatural” beings?

Did Jesus exist?

What did he really teach?

What is faith?

Does “spirit” indwell the human mind?

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