Drumpf is the Result of the Crisis in the Do Nothing Republican Party

 Drumpf on the LawnWhat’s Wrong With This Picture?  Yes, his mouth is open, but that’s not it. It’s that 44″ tie there that’s blowin’ in his wind.  This is exactly what Drumpf will look like as president, telling the press to “Get off my lawn!”— the lawn of his private Ireland “White House” golf course estate, and to go have sex with themselves back in Amerika.

Several weeks ago I began to notice that Drumpf wears his ties extraordinarily long.

Sure, it’s easy to believe he’s just inept and — well he is inept— but I mean inept at simple things that he does every day of his life, like tie his tie;  groom his hair;  say good morning.
For those of you who forego business drag:  As a general rule, the widest part of your tie should hang roughly at the same height as the upper edge of your belt, with the tie’s tip extending slightly below it.  The narrow end hangs wherever.  But Donald J.Drumpf has his own rules, as well as his own set of facts.  Consider the words of Steve Schmidt.

The crisis in the Republican party is not caused by Donald [Drumpf], Donald [Drumpf] is the result of the crisis in the Republican party.  You have a party that has lost the popular vote in 5 out of the last 6 elections;  you look at a party that is shrinking;  in every demographic in the country that is growing, the Republican party is losing in market share.

Its leadership has been complicit in the prosecution of an improperly prosecuted war;  it has been complicit in spending the country to 19 trillion dollars in debt, abrogating its claims to being the party of fiscal responsibility.  And all of the institutionalized conservatives, and the establishment conservatives, and the professional conservatives in Washington have stood idly by during this season of collapse.  

There were no new ideas in the Republican party, no fresh policies;  there is not the intellectual rigor and vigor that you saw out of the conservatives in the 1980s.  On top of it all we live in a country where trust has collapsed in nearly every institution, with the exception of the military.  And you see this playing out additionally on the Democratic side with the rise of Bernie Sanders.

Drumpf Fit to be TiedWell Steve is still a Republican, right, so he didn’t go far enough.  It wasn’t just a crisis or two or three or four in the Republican party, it was also the rising tide of propaganda being spewed 24/7 by Faux and friends, which authenticated every ounce of vitriol, fear, hate and bigotry being sprouted and nurtured by them, along with a bunch of base and deranged hatriots on the radio.
Twitler, in a word— was inevitable.

But getting back to Steve for a moment. Steve is a respected MSNBC contributor, who provides an occasional bit of reality, often laced with a dollop of sophistry.  Like above where he admits the Republican party has no “new ideas,” or “fresh policies,” then adds that conservatives in the 80’s possessed an “intellectual rigor and vigor” which has somehow evaporated.

My best guess is he is talking about America’s first round of ruination with an “entertainer.”  The Reagans were also inevitable;  the growing hoards of teh suffraged stupid were well in evidence by the seventies;  just check out this 2016 1980 Republican platform.  No examination of the intellectual rigor and vigor of the Reagans would be complete without a big fat nod to their astrologers, Jean Dixon, and Joan Quigley.

Virtually every major move and decision the Reagans made during my time as White House Chief of Staff was cleared in advance with a woman in San Francisco [Quigley] who drew up horoscopes to make certain that the planets were in a favorable alignment for the enterprise.”  —Donald Regan

As far as we know, Drumpf doesn’t have an astrologer, but something or someone has convinced him to start believing his own bullshit.  And now that he’s taken on cult-guru status with the timid souls who’ve become his true beliebers, they’ve gone from “He speaks his mind,” to “He speaks my mind.”

Still, you’re wondering just what kind of people would find a boorish billionaire malignant narcissist with a desperate need for attention and a  trump fanslong-tie fetish capable of leading a normal life, let alone carrying out the responsibilities of a real president of the United States.

Alex Castellanos:

Guess what, we don’t have any [alternatives to Donald Drumpf].  And whose fault is that?  I think a lot of the fault actually belongs to the conservative intellectual leadership of America that you see in this issue of National Review.  With the conservative cause that animates the Republican Party, we don’t appeal to young people, we don’t appeal to millennials, we don’t appeal to young women, we don’t appeal to minorities. We appeal to only cranky old white guys like me who end up voting for Donald Drumpf.

Drumpf with his favorite tie
Want to know what kind of “First Lady” Melania Drumpf will be? Go here.

“Cranky old white guys.”  Oh, and the subservient “cranky old white gals” chained to the stove who keep making the grits and gravy that keeps them careening around Drumpf town halls and tuning in to Rush Limpbat.  Also too, the rapidly multiplying Palin family and the wake of social carnage they produce as they make their way from one grift to the next.  To wit:

Conservative blog RedState’s Susan Wright called Palin’s endorsement “an inglorious display of crass opportunism,” and criticized Palin for betraying the Tea Party “ideology she once rode to prominence” by supporting Drumpf, who “will be the death of the GOP”:

Sarah Palin, that darling of a failed John McCain presidential bid, has resurfaced to throw her voice and her support behind the gilded toad of the GOP, Donald Drumpf. Where she was once a strong Tea Party leader, promoting free market ideas, limited government, and power back in the hands of the people, today she forsook it all, in favor of a big government, foul mouthed, Wall Street liberal with atrocious hair.

But who are these people.  The place to begin is with “these people,” themselves.  They are every bit as much a dangerous American phenomenon as Drumpf is himself.  Naturally, the first place to find Drumpf supporters is (Lost Time Warning) YOU TUBE.  YouTube.  YouTube.  youtube.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of videos on YouTube of Drumpf supporters, and in an effort to spare you the heartache and the headache of having to view such a staggeringly painful side of humanity, we paid a Drumpf supporter new friend a small sum of bus tokens and bottle caps to view them for us, and recommend a “representative” video.  We hope you will find it as disturbing as we did.

As you may have noticed, some of the creatures in the video were quite young. That means that the cranky old white guys continue to procreate, and their spawn will be with us for many more election cycles to come. They too will continue to ignore facts, indulge fear, and seek out other “successful” billionaire entertainers who will lead them, like lambs, to the all you can eat buffets, and the path to becoming a billionaire, too.

What can go wrong.

Success may generate courage and promote confidence, but wisdom comes only from the experiences of adjustment to the results of one’s failures.  Men who prefer optimistic illusions to reality can never become wise. Only those who face facts and adjust them to ideals can achieve wisdom.

Wisdom embraces both the fact and the ideal and therefore saves its devotees from both of those barren extremes of philosophy — the man whose idealism excludes facts, and the materialist who is devoid of spiritual outlook.  Those timid souls who can only keep up the struggle of life by the aid of continuous false illusions of success are doomed to suffer failure and experience defeat as they ultimately awaken from the dream world of their own imaginations.   —The Urantia Book

Stand With Drumpf's Tie

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  1. Prop

    It’s pretty obvious why the Trumpster wears ties that go all the way down to his crotch. In order to maintain his vigorous, high energy look, his blood stream is so full of Viagra that he has to hide his woody. You know how in the commercial they tell you if you have an erection for over 4 hours that you should get to a hospital? That’s why he won’t do long debates or attend any function over three hours. Nobody wants to see strapped him to a gurney and rolled into an ambulance with his pants unzipped to relieve the pressure. especially The Donald. The man doesn’t handle ridicule well at all..

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