BREAKING: Ignorance Is Not A Virtue

“Ignorance is not a virtue …
It’s not cool to not know what you’re talkin’ about.”

That’s not “Keepin’ it real,” or “Tellin’ it like it is,”
that’s not “challenging political correctness,”
that’s just not knowin’ what you’re talkin’ about.

A LOT OF PEOPLE are going to be shocked by this news.  Especially the 40% of eligible voters who never quite drag their sorry asses to the vicinity of an election ballot and exercise their chief responsibility as a citizen of our nation: voting.  You know who you are.

If you don’t vote, you’re not only not a good citizen— you’re a bad one, and a drag on our system.  If it were up to me, you’d catch a heavy (sliding scale based on income) fine every time you blew off an election.  Don’t effin’ care if you write in your mother every single time, but it would be too financially painful not to vote.  But remember, I’m talking about “eligible voters,” not Fox News troglodytes;  people simply must be intelligent enough and educated sufficiently to pass a mandatory citizenship training course— required of anyone wanting to be an eligible voter.

President Obama will soon be on the stump again, campaigning for the democratic nominee, and continuing to  eviscerate climate deniers and no-nothings everywhere.  But right now he’s making sure his presidency is “Trump proof“— because he knows 40% of voting age Americans don’t bother to participate in their own government, and that just might result in an electoral catastrophe in November.

You can help make sure Barack Obama’s presidency is Trump proof too, by voting against the only short-fingered vulgarian in the race.  Because that’s what it must come down to;  you either understand what a completely unfit candidate Trump is, or you don’t.  Do the troglodytes who vote outnumber those of us who understand?  They just might;  especially if we don’t have the personal astuteness to make sure we don’t sit back and let this happen by not voting.

Be a real American.  VOTE.


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