Putee poot
Awwww, little Putie Poot! What a “bigly” GUN you have!  What a devious little mind you have!  What a come-uppance you’re gonna have. . .


HOMS, SYRIA — Across America there are still many thousands of imbecilic children of voting age who actually believe Donald J. Trump when he claims video of Syrian children being gassed really changed him.  This, from a person who publicly stated his disgust over a mother being excused from a courtroom to pump breast milk to nurse her baby. But babies being gassed back in 2013?  Yeah, well.  Back then, Trump said that’s not “our” problem.

“In more than a dozen messages on Twitter in 2013 and 2014, Trump repeated his advice, emphatically stating that ‘Syria is NOT our problem,’ appealing directly to Mr. Obama to ‘not attack Syria,’ as ‘there is no upside and tremendous downside,’ and telling him to ‘stay out of Syria.’”  —NYT

But now Trump calls forth some of his very very best words:

“What Assad did is terrible. What happened in Syria is truly one of the egregious crimes and it shouldn’t have happened.  And it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”  

Get that?  It was   “. . .one of the egregious crimes. . .”  Here’s another one of the “egregious crimes”:  Electing unqualified people to the highest offices in the land.

Yes, Mr. “Bomb The Hell Outa Them” has quickly seen the light— or seen his opportunity to unleash America’s military and embrace that “tremendous downside” in attacking Syria, and at the same time deflect our attention from Lord Bannon‘s ham-handed intrigues to distract the White House Press poodles with, “This is not the sekrit information you’re looking for.”  Oh, and because: black women with power— “Look! Shiny!  Susan Rice is a leaker!” that’ll keep a few more of the squirrel chasers off the stench of collusion. . .

Ima digress a sec— (Jack Kingston, ya such a total asshole.)


•  •  •


Tiny Digits
The searing irony of this “short-fingered vulgarian” obsessively jabbing his tiniest digits in the air as the very very unconscious validation of that fact— is just too delicious.

Evil little Putie Poot will keep firing off denials, that, you know, he’s done absolutely nothing to involve his country in our presidential election, even as more information surfaces that Russia has been actively attempting to influence our election much earlier that we had previously thought.  Evil Mr. Tiny Digits and Lord Bannon will keep throwing people and shit into their distraction chipper, which will run 24/7 until it burns up or is shut down by something uh, less benign. 

Anyone up for a bet that it was the Russians who will turn out to be behind the most recent gas attack, as a way to help Mr. Tiny Digits deflect attention from his Russia collusion problems?

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