One Way Or Another, Trump Has Lost His Mind

It's not like it was attached to anything, anyway. . . like a mind.
There’s certainly more than one way to lose your mind;   criminal narcissism will do it for you, too.


Trump Jr. get's a piece of tail
Donald Trump Jr in his bloody stump daze in 2011.

So.  Your Pussy Grabber Commander-in-Cheeze has tweeted about how hard it was for his children (especially Barron), to see what he thought was his absentee father’s severed head— being held up by that stuff he calls hair— by a comedian who placed 17th on the Oxygen Pollution Channel’s 2017 list of “The 50 Funniest Women Alive Who Believe In Free Speech.”  That’s right:  Barron and Melania were watching the news together.  

Pussy Grabber Shames Kathy

But if you’ve been on Twitter a few years, you likely have seen the picture to the right, and are having a hard time tearing up for his other children, some of whom are already acquainted with bloody stumps of one variety or another.  Fortunately, young Barron Trump — and you too — have probably not seen these other, equally disturbing photo’s of his brother, which have been mostly ignored.


This was before he tweeted him some incoherent #covfefe shit after midnight that, apparently, only a small group of people understand:  “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant,” sayeth Sean the mouthpiece, who had no fucking idea what he was talking about.


Yes, Comrade Covfefe is, for all intent and purposes, criminally insane;  you know it, I know it.  I knew it the first time I saw his hair, but that was intuition.  Now there is almost daily proof that our government is being dismantled by a money laundering asshat and his band of craven imbeciles, who make rapacious corporate raiders and amoral planet-rapers look like choir boys.  

Despite what Trump may think, this is not the Golden Rule:  “Covfefe unto others before they covfefe unto you.”
But the real Golden-rulers — you know who you are — had better get your collective shit together, circle your wagons around the rule of law and our constitution, and throw these fuckers into the penal system after exposing and convicting them as the treasonous assholes they are.  






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