Trump Forecast Map
Wait— Are those Mushroom Clouds?? Wanna-be meteorologist and gibbering psychopath, Don the Con, displays his latest personal forecast; batten down the booby hatch, mates.

It now appears the president has forecast his own
volatile and out-of-control rage on the entire nation.

Donald Trump has been accused of altering a Hurricane Dorian forecast map with a Sharpie® Permanent Marker, to support his false claim it would directly hit Alabama. But his latest forecast has Americans pissing in their pants.

The US President made the false claim in a press conference and a tweet on Sunday (September 1), saying Alabama would be one of several states to be hit “(much) harder than anticipated” by the hurricane. Trump’s latest forecast is far more ominous.

But the National Weather Service office in Birmingham, Alabama, quickly confirmed that Alabama was never one of the states referenced by experts which would be hit by the storm.

So, that shit is fucked up. But now it appears the president has changed the forecast again, and this time predicting two possible paths— both enormous, mushroom-shaped phallus-like trajectories covering the entire nation, that have social media and, well, just about everyone who still pays any attention to this gibbering psychopath, in an uproar.

It seems the president is now predicting his own volatile and out-of-control rage against the nation itself. Across the top of the map it reads, “TRUMP FORECAST TRACT AND INTENSITY.” Aides close to the president, who spoke to us out of fear and on condition of anonymity, said the president drew the threatening outlines himself, but seemed oblivious of what the shapes appeared to suggest. “Most of us are genuinely horrified, but our only explanation is that the president must be— has to be— joking.”

(Tom Foolery and Dick Sharpey contributed to this report.)


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