John McCain Is STILL A Prisoner of War

And he wants you to be a prisoner of war, too.

Potential “Prisoner of War President” John McCain intends to flog Bush’s War for fifty or a hundred years or more. . . (well, not him personally; he’ll be lucky to live through one full term no matter how long his mother keeps puttering around the rest home). But his supposedly nuanced stance of maintaining a peaceful U.S. “presence” in Iraq, as he suggests by comparing our occupation of Iraq with our troops in South Korea, Germany, or ( your country here ), is nothing less than transparent stupidity.

Don’t think so? Take a moment to try and imagine how you would behave if say, China had declared Bush the hand puppet of the Great Satan and called in our debt, and when we refused to pay, they invaded our sovereign nation, the United States of America. As big a Dick as most of us think Cheney is, and what a debacle his puppet-presidency with Chimpy most certainly is, do you think for one minute you and your neighbors would tolerate a Chinese military occupation ANYWHERE in our country??

That’s right— the red white and blue shit would hit the fan! We wouldn’t rest until every last one of them was either dead or forced out of our country! No matter if it took ten, twenty, or even five hundred years!

Here’s the flash: The Iraqis— regardless of how we try to mollify them with money or democratic pie in the sky— aren’t going to rest until every last American soldier is out of THEIR country. Get it?

And while we’re entertaining nightmare scenarios, imagine if through yet another slick hack of the vote it’s McCain-Huckleberry (sorry you heard it here first) in a Deibold landslide. Suddenly we have the Huckleberry in there rewriting the Constitution with a Sharpie to be more in-line with the Bible— except for that “love your enemies” nonsense.

Meanwhile, Herrrrreeees “Five Planes Trashed in His After-Burner Hey-Days” Johnniee! lands on a U.S. carrier in the Straits of Hormuz-z-z-z, where he takes an action-figure role in another preemptive Shock and Aweful attack on a so-called sovereign nation by dropping a personally delivered bunker-buster on Amenidijadda-rama ding-dong, or, perhaps a near-by radical madrassa, or even a hapless wedding party. Just one more evil nation of sub-human heathens unfortunate enough to be located directly over part of our strategic oil reserves.

Recall a few months ago Florida Republicans told the poll-tergeisters they felt the economy (read: their wallets), was the number one issue for pulling that lever or touching that screen for . . . why yes: the aged Prisoner of War hero-candidate, John McCain. He’s the straight-talker, remember, the one who humbly keeps reminding us he’s not “real sharp” on the “It’s the economy, stupid!” thing.

Devlin Barret writes at the Huffington Post that “McCain launched his first television ad of the general election campaign Friday, [March 28th], portraying himself as a courageous leader with the knowledge and experience to keep the country safe as a wartime commander in chief. ‘The American president Americans have been waiting for,’ the ad says, juxtaposing footage of the Arizona senator with clips of him as a prisoner of war in Vietnam three decades ago.”

Yessiree, five and a half years as a prisoner of war is perfect training for a wartime commander in chief. Observe:

Meanwhile, Bush’s War had slipped to number four on the Republican hit parade, even though they are saying, “Of course we still support the troops! (Our yellow ribbon-thingies are still on the Sequoia, aren’t they, hon?) But we want a president who will make the Bush tax-cuts for the wealthiest 1% of Americans permanent; in addition to continuing to spread our American empire through permanent military bases in sovereign nations around the world.”

John McCain is still a prisoner of war— a prisoner of the idea of war as a workable solution for international disagreements. And as long as we continue electing leaders who remain prisoners of the antiquated and disastrously ineffective notion that a modern war can be “won,” we are doomed to a path of increasingly devastating wars that can easily become racially suicidal.

Civilization is never really jeopardized until able leadership begins to vanish. When a nation elects B-movie actors and dry-drunk cowboys to the highest office in the land, we’re jeopardizing our civilization, people. The number of men or women who can provide the wise leadership we so desperately need has never exceeded one per cent of our population. That doesn’t make it easier for one of them to make it to the presidency. But if we’re still too ignorant to elect such a person this time, and every time from here on out— well pucker up, my monkeys, cause you can kiss your ass good bye.

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  1. Mary,

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you who to vote for. . .
    but do have faith in the candidate you perceive has integrity.

    Some (including us here at US) recognize Obama as a new iteration of integrity; who is responsible for the machinations that follow is God’s business. Remember: God is not mocked.