In one of the more surreal moments of an already surreal campaign, John McCain got into the spirit of the holiday by appearing in an amazingly creepy “Underdog” costume, while standing next to someone else dressed as Underdog.

WASHINGTON — As we stagger through the final hours of Halloween this election cycle, John McCain and Barack Obama are pulling out all the stops in their efforts to sway comatose “undecided” voters.

Barack Obama is blanketing Tee Vee Land with his main message, that the United States must change the ruinous course we’re on.  John McCain continues to slander Barack Obama with everything vile and foamy in the Karl Rove Book ‘o Slime, and to his eternal disgrace, McCain has saved the Wright Stuff for last.

Dressed in a bizarre “UnderDog costume for some stupid fucking reason, Halloween, McCain howled to several hundred people,

“The pundints [sic] have written us off, just as they’ve done several times before. We’re a few points down, but we’re coming back.”

“My friends, My opponent, Barack Obama, is urging Americans to “share the wealth” tonight, by giving candy to strangers. When I’m president, we’re not going to let that happen.”

Although momentarily stunned, the crowd eventually cheered wildly, breaking into a chant of “Socialist! Socialist!”  McCain then pantomimed flying in a circle, supposedly as a grounded, waddling Underdog might; the other Underdog joined in by running circles around John “Underdog” McCain.

However, the latest CBS-NY Times national poll has Obama-Biden at 52 percent, McUnderdog-Palin at 39 percent.  Other national polls show Obama with a substantial lead nationwide.

Meanwhile, McCain‘s trick or treat robocalls continue to pummel Americans across the battleground states, including Obama’s home state of Illinois, in McCain’s continuing efforts to link Obama with convicted felon Tony Resco, or anything that anyone might consider scary or questionable. (No such calls linking McCain to convicted felon and nutball, G. Gordon Liddy, have been made by anyone.)  One McCain robo-message claims Obama dresses up as a Druid at least once a year, and roams Chicago neighborhoods looking to cast spells over innocent men, women, and children.

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