Queen Meg Strikes (Out) Again [Update]

You’d think that having spent $140 million dollars of her own money trying to become governor of the most economically dysfunctional state in the country, Meg Whitman could come up with a media campaign that brands her as an original candidate, someone with the creative chops to think outside the box.

But in what has to be the most brilliant, substantive political ad of the season, Jerry Brown pulls a Jon Stewart side by side video comparison showing her aping California’s present failed celebrity governor’s major talking points, word for word, for an entire minute.

The Brown campaign is obviously putting a lock of stock into the commercial, twice the length of the standard 30 second ad buy, purchased in the most expensive media market in the country. Compare that to Whitman, who at last count is outspending him ten to one, running a 113 ads per day. (I may have to put up  a chicken wire barrier in front of my tv this last week before the election.)

Whitman can’t seem to get out of her own way. A mistaken URL posted in a tweet by one of her staff, intended to link to an endorsement by the San Diego Sheriff’s Association, instead took people to a YouTube clip of JapaneseKorean cross-dressing bass playing sensation, H J Freaks, a video that has now gone viral.

The good news for Whitman is that she has probably sewed up the oriental transvestite vote.

UPDATE: Sunday’s lead story in the LA Times has some interesting news for Queen Meg; and for her fellow CEO multi-millionaire, Carly Fiorina, who is trying to buy Senator’s Barbara Boxer‘s seat:



Jerry Brown’s lead doubles in a month; little change in Senate race

Defections from Meg Whitman’s ranks on the part of women, Latinos and nonpartisan voters have fueled a surge by Jerry Brown in the race for governor, according to a new Los Angeles Times/USC poll.

The shift comes after a tumultuous month for the Republican candidate that has led some voters to question her veracity and her handling of accusations by an illegal immigrant housekeeper.

Brown, the Democratic attorney general and former governor, led Whitman 52% to 39% among likely voters, the poll found. His advantage has more than doubled since a Times/USC poll in September

The abrupt movement in the race for governor came as Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer held onto her 8-point margin over Republican Carly Fiorina in the U.S. Senate contest. Boxer’s 50% to 42% lead was statistically unchanged from September’s 51% to 43% edge.

It’s amazing what $140 million won’t buy you these days.

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