Here is your cross, Your nails and your hill; And here is your love, That lists where it will

The Real Burial And Resurrection Of Jesus

All five of the women sat down on the stone near the entrance and talked over the situation; it had not yet occurred to them that Jesus had been resurrected.

Do You Really Know What Love Is?

           Do you know what love is?   God is Love— but love is not God. The greatest manifestation of divine love for mortal beings is his divine gift bestowal of the Spirit in us, but our greatest revelation of the Father’s love is seen in the bestowal life of his Son Michael as he lived on …


Of all the teachings of Jesus, no one thing has been so confused as his promise to come back in person to this world. Here’s the truth of the matter.

The Transcendent Goal Of Time

The transcendent goal of the children of time— us— is to find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine nature of the universe.

Bye Dave.

  While never really a Letterman junkie, “Late-Night” for me was usually finishing a strip while he was on, so I became a de facto regular viewer.  Oh, yeah, and Dave was brilliant.  Even so, the strip above was my only homage to the many hours spent enjoying Dave’s top ten things, that usually made someone squirm. People say New Yorkers can’t get along. Not true. …