Nobody Does It Better Than Trump

The list of Trump claims above is not simply campaign braggadocio;  nor is it just a collection of obvious lies;
it is an alarming indictment of his mental health, every claim more ridiculous and false than the last.

Nobody knew how deeply troubled Trump really was until he ran for office.

Nobody knew how quickly he could tell one lie after another, until it became obvious that many Americans were unable to tell his many lies from the truth.
Nobody knew he was capable of betraying our nation’s trust— ostensibly to keep his financial involvement and personal misdeeds in another country— one of our nation’s most serious foes— private and unknown to the American people;  at least, so far.

Nobody really expected him to declare all-out war on our free press in an effort to confuse and further divide the American people, and in the process attempt to put himself beyond public scrutiny and accountability for his lies, and to obfuscate the true extent of his mental illness and increasingly treasonous behavior.

The survival of our democracy is dependent on successful representative government.  If we want to save our democracy, we must recognize the very real dangers that now beset it.  A truly representative government presupposes an intelligent and effective electorate, and the character of such a government will always be determined by the character and caliber of those who compose it— and that means electing to our highest office ONLY those individuals who are technically trained, intellectually competent, socially loyal, and morally fit.

Donald Trump is none of those.

Effective government assumes the right of it’s citizens to be heard, but now it is not enough merely to be heard— our power of petition must now progress to the actual management of our government;  the question is, do the American people still have the will to save their country?


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