This Week In Fake Fake News

Fake Fake News
“Fake News”?  Or fake “Fake News;”  can you tell the difference?  If you want to smell the rats, you must click it.

WASHINGTON D.C. — Now that we have a self-flagellating Liar-in-Chief who plays golf every week on your dime and has blown out the first family security budget in less than two months just to keep Milania a safe distance from his gelatinous girth, we can get on with trying to figure out what “alternative facts” are simply fake news, and what stories are actually fake fake news— and forget about the impending doom coming from the shitstorm of incompetence and lies that explodes from what is euphemistically called “the Trump administration blow hole” at least twice a day.  Here’s a compilation of what I mean symbolically represented by “drivers.”

That’s right;  there were a lot of Russian “connections.”

And forget about tRump‘s “possible collusion” with the Russians. The fact that, on the surface, it looks like a spider’s web of lying underlings and rudderless sycophants doesn’t mean that underneath there is a rat’s nest¹ of betrayal and treason that the American people, should they ever shake off their stupidity, would be horrified and truly filled with rage.  We are far too busy keeping track of his day-to-day bullshit to be bothered by reality; i.e., the voter fraud bullshit, the wiretap bullshit, the muslim ban bullshit, etc…  Especially when there is plenty of fake news to digest and excrete, and now, welcome fake fake news to delight and distract us from, well, plain ol factual news, from reliable sources.
It used to be a thing.

¹A situation or condition that is characterized by messiness, disorder, disarray, and/or confusion. 

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