Pick Your Junk

Think You Want This Junk?
Cindy McCane with husband John Top Gun “Maverick” McCane

  • Junk is battle-worn, seventy-two, cranky
  • Contradicts own sworn testimony
  • War with rest of world “just an unfortunate fact of life”
  • Abortion: Nevah, nevah, nevah
  • Believes in evolution
  • Espouses Episcopalian and Southern Baptist Christianity


How About This?
The Clinton’s Junk
Co-Commanders-in-Chief Clinton

  • Junk is ambitious, sixty-one, double X, comes with Y chromosome baggage.
  • “Change you can zerox” not working out
  • Abortion: prochoice
  • Believes in evolution
  • Espouses Methodist Christianity

Or This?
Obama Junk
Commander-in-Chief OBOMBA with the Mrs.

  • Junk is wooly hot, forty-seven, charismatic
  • Lacks killer’s instinct
  • Abortion: prochoice
  • Believes in evolution
  • Espouses the United Church of Christ Christianity

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