Rahmbo Farewell

Classic SNL skit that captures the two sides of former WH Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel

Back in May, in a post titled Sometimes You’re The Windshield, Sometimes You’re The Bug, I called on President Obama to get rid of his Chief of Staff,  Rahm “fucking liberal retards” Emanuel;  and a month after he took office,  the two key players of his economic team, Larry Summers and Tim Geithner.

Well, two down one to go.  Summers is leaving at the end of the year and Rahm is already back in Chicago, ostensibly to run for mayor. I say ostensibly because Emanuel may not be able to meet the residency requirements, something he had to be aware of.  Nor was he able to convince the tenant living in his residence to vacate, and this after just recently allowing him to renew his lease, all of which suggests that he was pushed out of the White House.

If so, my Obama hope meter just ticked up a bit.  Coupled with his appointment of Elizabeth Warren to oversee the creation of a new consumer protection agency, these three key personnel moves suggests that he is finally looking outside the White House bubble and taking control of his own destiny.

About freakin’ time.

Meanwhile, Rahmbo’s first handshaking, meet the people tour didn’t go so well.  Yesterday, Bloomberg reported:

No Sweet Chicago Homecoming for Emanuel

Back home in Chicago for his mayoral bid, Rahm Emanuel was met by jeers from the supporters of his rivals

Rahm Emanuel, four days removed from the second most powerful job at the White House, learned yesterday that coming home to Chicago isn’t always so sweet.  Rivals to the throne of retiring Mayor Richard M. Daley sent supporters to challenge the former White House chief of staff.  Protesters jeered his role in President Barack Obama’s support for Wall Street banks.  And black voters criticized him for what they said was the administration’s inability to help Chicago communities suffering from unemployment.

Seems that Rahmbo’s strategy of putting up points on the board through inside, backroom dealings with Big Med and Wall Street hasn’t escaped the notice of the voters.  You can only be trickled down on for so long before you realize it isn’t rain.

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